The MacBook Saves Buyers Money Than Regular Windows PCs

People always say cheap is expensive. When it comes to tech devices, speed is always better. However, to get that device with perfect speed is not easy. Apple devices have incredible features, albeit too expensive. Two weeks ago, Apple updated its iMac range with new Retina displays and Force Touch capabilities. The iMac is now better but the price is a shot in the head.

Apple claim the expensive MacBook saves buyers money in the long-term. On Tuesday, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said that IBM has been saving up to about $270 on each MacBook its employees use instead of a traditional PC. This was majorly influenced by the fact that MacBooks are tough hence lower IT support costs and better residual value.

“IBM now has over 30,000 MacBooks deployed within the company, and is adding 1,900 new MacBooks every week.” He added. Last year, IBM entered a partnership with Apple and IBM wishes to buy 50,000 MacBooks by the end of this year.

The MacBook has a relatively higher efficiency than the PC and IBM can prove it. Business Insider reports that just 5% of IBM employees using MacBooks called the IT help desk, versus 40% of PC users.

“Every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money,” IBM VP Fletcher Previn said. This year Apple recorded the highest record of Mac sales. In the previous quarter, Apple sold 5.7 million Macs, up 3% year-over-year, for roughly $6.8 billion in revenue. Mac sales account for the second largest share in Apple’s overall revenue, after the iPhones.

Apple is giving other brands a run for their money with new innovations each year. Recently, Microsoft unveiled their Microsoft Surface Book. The laptop has amazing features and aims to capture the arts industry. Truth be told, the MacBook is still the best device in the industry followed by Asus and probably HP. However, let’s not jump into conclusions since the Surface Book is still in its release stage.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company now generates $25 billion in enterprise sales, up 40% from last year, and called it a major growth vector for the future.

“Enterprise business is not to be underestimated,” Cook said. “Everywhere I look, I see significant opportunity.” Apple’s growing success is good and other tech companies have a challenge to up their game. This comes after Apple released their flagship devices, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The phones are doing well in the market which is a plus and the fact that the MacBook saves buyers money, makes Apple hold the crown in computer making.

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