Kuhustle.com introduces Rate and Review feature to ease delivery and interaction

Getting a job is hectic and stressing. The youth are the most marginalized and most of them end up on the streets. Fortunately, technological skills allows one to carryout freelance services to clients. The question that most people are left to answer is the level of skills and experience. Kenya has many websites that claim to offer genuine job opportunities. However, most websites indulge in fraudulent schemes.

Kuhustle.com, an online tech community tends to fill the gaps in the growing market. The online market place connects people with skilled affordable labour, this helps them cut down on cost of managing human capital. The platform started operation last year and it has helped many people in the country. The platform connects SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs that need support on a freelance basis to young Kenyans with the skills needed to complete the needed projects.

Kuhustle.com has around 3446 users and 259 jobs posted on the platform. The online platform would like to expand its horizons. A Kenyan product that goes international always brings out incredible development in the country. Young innovators and job seekers across the continent will have a chance to use Kuhustle.com since it will soon carryout operations in Nigeria and South Africa.


  • Kuhustle.com has Conducted three successful training programs for about 100 freelancers on Ussd, PHP on Laravel and Android.
  • The platform has been recognized as; 2015 Connected EA winners IT& Telcoms, Trainees of Spark International, among the 10 African finalists for Ye! Boostcamp.

New feature

Kuhustle.com has introduced a new feature to enhance its usability. The new rate and review feature will help both the freelancers and job posters to rate their developers & clients based on ease of delivery and enhance the interaction between clients and freelancers. The feature will be beneficial in many ways since clients will be able to select preferred freelancer as they will be able to see the work ethics of freelancers based on:

  • Meeting timelines ratings
  • Quality of delivery ratings
  • Communication ratings

Ideally, the feature will help clients choose the best freelancer. This is common in movies where a person is able to get a thrilling story. In addition, Android’s Play Store uses the same to rate some of the Apps on the store. Freelancers will also be able to give feedback on the clients especially on the process and understanding of the clients on what they need. They will rate decision making and decisiveness, adherence to number of changes and ease of work.

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--- Erick Vateta is a lawyer by training, poet, script and creative writer by talent, a model, and tech enthusiast. He covers International tech trends, data security and cyber attacks.


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