RabbitIQ Wants To Revolutionize Farming

Farming can make you a millionaire if you identify the best strategy to tap the fruits of a business model. My uncle has many rabbits but they never give back. Ironically, he holds the cards as the best business man in the whole village. The rabbits die everyday because of their sensitive nature. A significant percentage of baby rabbits do not survive past weaning age. Technically, that’s a risky business to venture in.

A Rabbit can not be used as a pet because they are known for their quick and effective breeding in the wild. They are  prey species, it is important for them to have many offspring to survive. However, rabbits can be used to generate revenue at home in different ways. To make things easier, a professional herd management for commercial rabbit farmers, RabbitiQ, have developed a way using technology to make farmers rich.

Imagine a rabbit sending you an SMS or a tweet. Basically, RabbitiQ brings intelligence in farming. Many farmers are turning to rabbit farming but they don’t know how to handle them.

“Rabbits are incredible animals that have the capacity to feed the entire country on quality white meat all year round as they breed quite fast.” Says RabbitiQ.

RabbitiQ claim, about 2600 commercial rabbit farmers in Kenya maintaining an average of 80 rabbits (208 000 rabbits) contracted by companies and top restaurants to supply meat face many challenges running the business. Rabbit farmers have to meticulously calculate breeding dates and determine delivery dates, weaning dates, litter sexing dates. Farmers always do all these calculations on a paper. Errors are prone in this manual system leading to significant lose to farmers in terms of high litter mortality.

The fast growing tech company would like to simplify the work by providing rabbit farmers around the world with a mobile and web based platform that allows them to manage their rabbits remotely. A farmer is required to enter an animal on the system, then it generates a unique code for the animal which is printed on the hutch door or attached as an ear tag. After that, the farmer scans the code using a mobile phone camera to get all the information. When an action is due such as weaning, an SMS is sent to the farmer with all the relevant actions to take.

In addition farmers have access to a certified veterinary doctor using live chat on the system. This is beneficial because it cuts down on costs. A farmer has the ability to communicate with a veterinary doctor and sort out any issue affecting the rabbits.

RabbitiQ charges a subscription fee per rabbit on the system and also earns revenue from training and consultation on rabbit farming.



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