Eveready Plans To Introduce New Products After Signing Three Partnerships

Eveready East Africa Limited has signed a partnership deal with Sayyed Engineers Ltd of Pakistan, Chloride Egypt SAE, and Supreme Imports as it seeks to drive its diversification strategy agenda.

Under the deal, Sayyed Engineers Ltd will supply a range of writing instruments including marker pens, ball pens, fountain pens, pencils, rubbers etc. Chloride Egypt SAE will supply car battery TURBO®; and Supreme Imports Ltd will supply a wide range of lighting products including incandescent and energy saving bulbs under the brand name EVEREADY.

Speaking at a media briefing in Nairobi, Eveready East Africa Ltd Managing Director Jackson Mutua said: “Last year, Eveready Board took a bold step to steer the company towards diversification leading to the closure of our manufacturing plant in Nakuru.  The strategy is hinged on bolstering the businesses’ commercial operations and involves product diversification, regional expansion, and strengthening our route to market programs.”

“The move was aimed at ensuring that Eveready remains profitable, efficient and competitive,” he added.

“Like many consumer-driven entities, Eveready East Africa is increasingly viewing its manufacturing, marketing and distribution and means of achieving greater efficiency without impacting negatively on the consumer. An upshot of the review is the implementation of the five year strategy that places diversification at the center of company’s business,” said Mr. Mutua.

Sayyed Engineers Limited, on the other hand,  pioneered ballpoint pen manufacturing in South Asia when such precision engineering in the production of ballpoint pens was thought to be possible only in the advanced countries.

“This partnership is important to us as we enter into the Kenyan market,” said Sayyed Engineers Managing Director Savail Hussain at the signing ceremony in Nairobi. “We chose to partner with Eveready because of its strong brand and wide distribution network and we believe this partnership provides a good Launchpad into the East African market.”

Chloride Egypt’s has built its product line based upon a tradition of quality and durability and today, Chloride Egypt is recognized as leading manufacturer of automotive batteries in Egypt.  Additionally, Eveready has historical linkages through trade and shareholder relationship with US firms Eveready Inc. and Energizer Inc.

“These are reputable companies with longer history of manufacturing and import businesses. Sayyed Engineers, for instance, is the largest producer of writing instruments in Pakistan, it has been exporting its quality products to 14 other countries and now Kenya,” Mr. Mutua added.

The company expects to introduce five new products in household and personal care categories by the year 2017. To further enhance its distribution capabilities especially for the automotive batteries, the company has also signed a regional distribution deal with Yana Tyres.

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