Few People Support #NoBraDay

For the first time in my life I spent the whole day on Twitter, well, following the #NoBraDay conversations and photos closely. I might be a pervert but at least it’s not a hidden trait. I am not sure if the tag was an international campaign or meant for a certain group. Probably Tweeter villagers got it wrong. I think it was an open platform for socialites to showcase the art of nudity.

Breast cancer is a serious issue that affects most ladies. The pink ribbon is enough sign to pass awareness and uplift the victims. October being a breast cancer month should be different from the other months. Cancer is a serious issue and we have one month to talk about it. That should be a chance to put in sweet fruits that showcase actual support not a chance to pour sweet wine on a handkerchief.

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Positive celebrations should be for a good cause. HTC under the tag #BeTheEnd decided to join hands in the fight against breast cancer. The company donated $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition, their 2015 flagship smartphone HTC One M9 is colored pink to help raise awareness.


Social media is now the basic communication platform. Sensitive campaigns should have a positive touch. Let’s cover the ratchet behavior that was unveiled by ladies under #NoBraDay. Sarcastically, at least I got to know about breast cancer comfortably under my shirt. Sadly, people went online with creepy motives. Most Twitter users got a chance to sexualize other people which is bad.

I know this sounds bad, but the tag made me a little ‘paranoid’. I walked along Moi avenue with one aim. To see bra less ladies. However, I was amazed by the fact that Nirobians are not controlled by social media campaigns. Ironically, I felt betrayed because it was an international campaign. Well, logically I was stupid, who establishes nudity adventure on the streets? Thanks to Twitter, women were free to showcase their freedom of speech and express themselves freely by uploading still nude photos.

“Encouraging women to show off their bra-less chests in the name of awareness won’t save anyone, but its message to breast-cancer patients and survivors is clear: Your disease is about your secondary sex characteristics, not about you.” Cauterucci wrote.

It’s not clear who started the No bra campaign but there’s a page on Facebook created by breast cancer activists. The No Bra Day – Oct 13th community on Facebook had a mission to create awareness on Breast Cancer. In addition, there’s a Twitter account @NoBraDay.

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I don’t have jurisdiction over Twitter and I don’t hold the wooden gavel to pass a judgement on Twitter’s open minded users since it’s a social platform.

Together let’s spread the love for some of the beautiful faces of breast cancer survivors.

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