Let us come together and fight the politicians that have waged a war on Science and Technology

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. ~ Carl Sagan

The year 2015 is the year that is both the peak and the dawn of science and technology. More than ever in human history, people know and appreciate the importance of Science and Technology thanks to the fact that everywhere around us we can see the benefits of these disciplines

Turn around you, whether you are walking in the street or hidden somewhere in a Savannah bush land, you’ll see structures, moving objectives, communication gadgets, and consumable foods or medicines that have come to life thanks to serious research works by scientists spanning centuries of scientific evolution. Thanks to science and technology, measles was wiped out in 2000. You didn’t have to turn around to realize how science and technology is everywhere – you only needed to continue staring at your screen.

The gadget you are using to read this and the infrastructure that has been put in place to allow you access this article are testimonies of how useful science and tech is.  And that’s not all. Serious research works in the past decade will see us enter a new era of science and technology. This will be an era where no one will ever again suffer from disability as people will be able to use robotic hearts, prosthetic that have feelings, the deaf will be able to hear, and the blind will see again. In fact, science and technology will allow us to forget about death and its effects.

The coming era, starting next year, will see us take tours to far flung places to enjoy a cold breeze at the beach without us ever leaving our living rooms. We will be able to attend and be present in a live real life physical Stadium to watch Arsenal thrush Man U 3-0 within the first 20 minutes – but without having to pay the expensive flight tickets or part with enormous amounts for the gate ticket – we will attend the matches simply by going into the bedroom and laying down in bed to enjoy the match. Yes that’s not science fiction, it’s a reality that’s coming as soon – well – it is already happening elsewhere in the world.

The development of Internet of Things and more so Artificial Intelligence will see us never lack basic human needs ever again. In fact, the scientific community has reached a consensus that in the next few years, no one will ever have to work as all the work including those done by CEOs, Senior IT Administrators, Programmers, Project Managers, Production Managers, HR Managers, and all the other white and blue collar jobs will go to robots and other AI platforms like the Blockchain. You know that robots have already take almost all of your manual labor, right? Including the fact that it is no longer necessary to employ a house help, right?

But wait a minute – not so fast. Don’t get excited yet. For the ordinary you and me to benefit from these technologies in this lifetime, governments globally and locally must support research in all scientific fields. But as Kenyans we know that our government has zero interest in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Virtual Reality platforms, despite the fact that our neighbor Ethiopia is investing seriously in AI research. The saddest part is that governments of developed countries including Canada, the US and Britain have been cutting and continue to cut funds meant for scientific studies and research but are investing more in banking and war. Thanks to the war on science and technology, measles is creeping back to haunt humanity. As an individual that loves science and tech (and that’s probably the reason you are reading this), you need to lend your voice to the call that governments should pour serious money to the scientific community.

The video below explains what I just said in figures and numbers.



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