Good News For Plus Size Ladies, ‘Exercise Pill’ Is Being Developed

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  • 6 years ago
  • Posted: October 8, 2015 at 2:40 pm

Few people like running in the morning. Normally, I wake up early to beat the traffic. Well, exercise is important but our lifestyle forces us to be lazy. Last week, a writer threw some gibes to ‘plus size women’ and the unexpected happened. Everybody went on Twitter and explained how insane the writer is. However, if you don’t want to be an ‘elephant in any room’, an exercise pill will be released very soon. The pill will enable you to have that sexy body without sweating at the gym.

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“It is unrealistic to expect that exercise pills will fully be able to substitute for physical exercise — at least not in the immediate future,” Ismail Laher at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver said.

There is so much in science and AI. Ideally, Sci-Tech is supposed to supplement on natural gifts, but currently there’s a substitute for everything. Thanks to Sci-Tech, we can live forever, get romantic with AI and build robots that have a highly functional body organs.

“Although nothing can fully substitute for physical exercise, candidate exercise pills that have emerged in recent years may be an attractive alternative for people who are unable to undertake regular exercise because of medical conditions such as obesity, amputations, spinal injuries, metabolic diseases, and musculoskeletal or cardiovascular conditions,”the researchers wrote.

“For example, a pill for people with spinal cord injury could be very appealing given the difficulties that these individuals face in exercising due to paralysis – in such patients, a large number of detrimental changes occur in cardiovascular and skeletal muscle function,” explains Laher.

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Cnet reports, the exercise pill is in experimental phase, with tests being done on lab animals. However, a fake version of the pill is already on black market. The retailers claim it enhances performance for athletes. Laher cautions that more research is still needed to understand the side effects, optimal dosages and potential for misuse of an exercise pill.

“While scientists have long suspected that exercise causes a complicated series of changes to human muscle, this is the first time we have been able to map exactly what happens,” Dr. Nolan Hoffman said. “This is a major breakthrough, as it allows scientists to use this information to design a drug that mimics the true beneficial changes caused by exercise.”

In the meantime, hit the gym to keep fit but once the pill is out you will have a chance to relax and watch TV.


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