Microsoft Unveils Its First Laptop – Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft unveiled their ultimate first laptop. I thought Microsoft would never make a laptop. However, the company does not want to take chances. Microsoft unveiled their Microsoft Surface Book which looks like a MacBook at first glance. The Microsoft Surface Book can be used as a full-powered laptop or as a tablet. You can also snap the display screen to the back of the keyboard so it acts like a clipboard, well, that’s made possible by the unique mechanical hinge.

kachwanya.comHave you seen the Surface Tablet? The laptop is like its big sister with an incredible keyboard. The laptop’s monitor contains the latest Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and the keyboard base has a graphics processing unit (GPU) that boosts the laptop’s performance. In addition, about three-fourths of the device’s battery life is stored in the keyboard.

kachtech (2)The laptop is ultra-thin, precisely crafted with amazing screen resolution. The laptop has a portable clipboard. One is able to remove the display easily from the keyboard to become a thin, light tablet that works perfectly with OneNote and Surface Pen.


Windows 10 Pro.


Solid state drive (SSD) options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB.


6th Gen IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i5 or i7


8GB or 16GB RAM


6th Gen IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i5 or i7

Microsoft included some incredible innovations on the laptop. This is probably the best tech for designers and editors. The laptop allows for a neutral writing experience. The laptop’s surface penĀ combines 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity with low latency for a real pen on paper feeling. The Surface Pro allows users to switch from one task to another in seconds because of its powerful IntelĀ®Coreā„¢ processors.

“The battery lasts up to 9 hours so you can work uninterrupted. Now you can take your Surface with you all day.” Says Microsoft.

The laptop also allows users to share notes on the go. You can write directly on webpages with Surface Pen in the newly introduced Microsoft Edge browse.


Generally, Microsoft Surface Book will give the other companies a run for their money since it offers the best experience in lifestyle and work. It’s ability to run on Windows and Office packages makes it one of the best laptop in the world.

Microsoft is always on the edge when it comes to smartphones. The company has over the years struggled to revamp the Windows software on it’s devices but other companies like Google and Apple take the centre stage with breathtaking accomplishments. The Surface Book is just a symbol to show the company’s ability to change the world in tech.

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