Give Your Customers Free Access To You Through Airtel Toll Free Services

Airtel has made the Telecommunication sector a hard place to venture in. Other service providers like Safaricom and Orange are left to watch from distance. Recently, reports claimed that Airtel’s Unliminet Single Bundle Tariff earned over a million customers at the expense of rival telecommunications companies.

On Tuesday Airtel got a chance to advertise their Toll Free Services at the Indo-Africa ICT Expo. Airtel Toll Free services enables entrepreneurs or any service provider to conveniently connect with the customers. Customers on the other hand have a free access to sellers hence customers are able to call for free.

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“With airtel toll free services, discover a powerful and convenient way to connect with your customers and prospects. With domestic and international toll free services, you can expand your business around the globe. This allows you to respond to your customer’s need effectively and manage their calls efficiently thus improving your brand image.”Says Airtel.

Toll Free Voice Services

This enables customers to freely and conveniently connect with sellers. The charges for using a Toll Free number are paid by the seller and customers have the opportunity to call for free. Airtel provides that, more than 200 million Airtel users have already subscribed.

Toll Free Voice Services offers the following to subscribers:

a). A Toll Free number to which all calls will be routed. If a potential customer calls from a different city their call will land on the same pre-defined number. This is dubbed as Follow me.

b). A Toll Free number series which is easy to remember and aids an entrepreneur’s product.

c). Users are able to distribute the calls by a certain percentage made to the Toll Free number, depending on the total capacity of the call center.

d). Route the calls on the basis of time, day, week or year to a different location as it suits a subscriber’s requirement.

e). Route the calls to multiple locations based on the business needs.

Besides voice, Airtel introduced the Toll Free Mobile Data Services in India. The services enables users to make their websites or any other tollfree such that customers can view the site for free on their mobile. Airtel stipulates that, this service expands a persons business since users are able to attract more customers on the website hence get more hits, more traffic and more business everyday.

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