Safaricom Registered The Largest Number Of Mobile Data/Internet Subscriptions At 12.5 Million

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  • Posted: September 25, 2015 at 11:18 am

Airtel has the fastest internet which is reliable. However, Safaricom has a wider internet penetration across the country and that’s why the company has a huge number of subscriptions. Statistics claim that Safaricom Kenya Limited registered the largest number of mobile data/internet subscriptions at 12.5 million representing 63 per cent market share.

On the other hand, Bharti Airtel Networks Limited registered 3.6 million subscriptions and a market share of 19 percent. Telkom Kenya (Orange) posted 2.6 million mobile data/internet subscriptions with a market share of 14 per cent. Finserve Africa Limited recorded 873,643 subscriptions equivalent to 4.0 percent market share according to the statistics released by Communications Authority of Kenya.

Safaricom introduced a number of bundles which were meant to help Kenyans, but they turned out to be useless. The night shift bundles had a million shortcomings illustrated by my colleague. If you do a comparison between Airtel Unliminet and Safaricom data, Airtlel Unliminet takes the day. Odipo Riaga said, “Airtel Unliment is obviously superior but heavy data consumers might find Safaricom’s monthly plans more suitable for their data needs. Personally I do not find any valuable reasons to shift from Unliminet to Safaricom given that Unliminet still allows me to access unlimited Internet at reasonable speeds even after my data has run out.”

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The market shares for other fixed/wireless data/internet subscriptions for the top ten operators in the market experienced mixed trends during the period under review with some operators gaining and others losing. The subscriptions have increased significantly to 118,554 compared to the same period of the previous year that recorded 99,342 subscriptions.

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Wananchi Telecom acquired the highest market share during the quarter under review at 53.6 percent up from 46.8 percent in the previous quarter. Liquid Telecom was second with 16.5 percent market share up from 15.3 percent registered during the last quarter. Telkom Kenya lost 8.3 percentage points to reach 1.8 percent down from 10.1 percent share attained during the last quarter.

In Data Internet and Broadband subscriptions, the number grew 6.1 percent to reach 5.32 million up from 5.01 million subscriptions reported during the last quarter. The number has grown by more than double when compared to the same period of the last financial year. Mobile broadband subscriptions form 99 percent of the total broadband subscriptions.

Broadband speeds of less than or equal to 1Mbps recorded the highest numbers of subscriptions while those less than or equal to 256Kbps recorded the least number of subscriptions.

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