Safaricom Lost Its Market Share In Mobile Voice Traffic By 3.8 Percent Due To Increased Competition

Safaricom is dominating the market but other operators are here to stay and Safaricom has to play hard. In mobile subscriptions, Equitel recorded a relatively good market share and Safaricom recorded a decline in the market share. Orange on the other hand gained market share by 0.4 in mobile subscription. In voice traffic, Safaricom Limited lost its market share by 2.9 percentage points to register 68.8 percent market share down from 71.7 percent recorded in the previous quarter.

However, Safaricom’s total traffic volume increased to 6.31 billion up from 6.28 billion minutes registered during the previous quarter. In terms of the mobile voice traffic recorded for the entire year, Safaricom Limited lost its market share by 3.8 percentage points to stand at 74.1 per cent down from 78.5 per cent market share recorded in the previous year.

Bharti Airtel Kenya Limited experienced an increase in total local mobile voice traffic that stood at 1.85 billion up from 1.83 billion minutes reported during the previous period. However, its market share dropped by 0.8 percentage points to stand at 20.2 per cent during the quarter under review. On the contrary, its market share for the whole financial year grew significantly to stand at 16.4 per cent up from 10.7 per cent market shares reported in the previous year. This growth could be attributed to Airtel’s acquisition of Essar subscriptions late last year.

Telkom Kenya Limited (Orange) gained in total mobile voice traffic to register 992.6 million minutes during the period up from 617 million minutes registered in the last quarter. The on-net and off-net traffic stood at 770.8 million and 221.8 million minutes respectively. Its market share grew from 7.1 per cent reported in the previous quarter to 10.8 per cent during the period under review. This growth could have been as a result of termination of CDMA services by Orange and the sub sequent migration of CDMA subscribers to GMS network. The market share for the entire year stood at 7.1 per cent up from 3.0 per cent recorded in the previous year.

Equitel (Finserve Africa Limited) recorded on-net traffic of 2.8 million minutes during the quarter up from 2.3 million minutes posted during the previous period. Traffic to other mobile networks stood at 19.7 million during the quarter. Equitels market share remained unchanged at 0.2 per cent during the period under review.

In addition, the Minutes of Use per month per subscriber increased to 84.9 minutes this year up from 84.1 minutes registered in the previous quarter.

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