Is Kenya Prepared For Any Cyberattack?

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  • Posted: September 22, 2015 at 10:11 am

Cybercrimes are growing at a very high rate around the globe. Countries are taking measures to ensure that they have consolidated control over the internet and freedom of speech on social media. Recently China published a draft cybersecurity law meant to strengthen user privacy protection from hackers and data re sellers but simultaneously elevate the government’s powers to access, obtain records and block dissemination of private information deemed illegal under Chinese law.

Kenya has faced a number of cyber related crimes – hacking, social media attacks and cyberbullying. In many instances, it’s not clear which regulatory body is supposed to deal with such issues. The country has witnessed major hacks that never captured the media’s attention, a good example is when hackers managed to take control of the Police website. Many bloggers and activists practicing freedom of speech have been accused and charged under Article 34 of the Constitution of Kenya. Cases relating to the internet I think should be controlled by an independent body specialized in tech law and online journalism.

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South Korea has the fastest internet speed in the world which makes it vulnerable to cyber crimes. Well, S. Korea government has been hit by more than 110,000 cyberattacks in the past five years. A member of the National Assembly’s Public Administration & Security committee, made the findings of the organization’s report public on Friday. Filtering data given to it by the National Computing & Information Agency (NCIA), the National Assembly’s report compiled 114,035 detected cyberattacks committed against government organisations from 2011 to June of this year.

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“If confidential state information leaks out, the consequences can be immense and more than 100,000 cases of hacking against government facilities have taken place,” Su-kyung said. “We must do more to stop the growing number and the growing number of types of cyberattack.”

Kenya has a loophole in cybersecurity, and if there’s a body dealing with cybersecurity then it’s too inactive. In July, 2014 Kenya formulated the first draft of the Cybercrime and Computer related Crimes Bill. The Bill was an initiative of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. The Bill seeks to equip law enforcement agencies with the necessary legal and forensic tools to tackle cyberattack which is said to have cost nearly KES 2 billion to the Kenyan economy in 2013. The Bill provides directives and standards in cybercrime, child pornography, hate speech, cyber – stalking and penalties. So when is this Bill going to be used effectively?

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