Eaton targets Businesses and Homes in new solar inverter rollout

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  • 6 years ago
  • Posted: September 20, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Eaton, a power management company has launched a new hybrid solar power inverter for the East Africa market that is designed to reduce customers’ cost of electricity and maximize customers’ energy harvest.

The hybrid solar inverter enables customers to get power from grid or diesel AC if required, but prioritizes energy from the sun to reduce costs, plus stores powers in batteries so businesses or homes can ride through grid outages.

The energy saving and backup power system, converts up to 4.2kw of electricity from solar panels(DC or direct current) into clean alternating current (AC), as well as allowing simple plug in of batteries for energy storage from sun or grid.

Homes and Business

With the inverters, businesses and homes are still connected to the electricity grid which means they will be able to draw power from the grid in times of high demand and or low solar gain and conversely use solar power directly and store the surplus electricity in the battery banks in times of high solar gain.

The solar inverters are small, lightweight and engineered to allow plug and play installations designed to reliably serve residential and small business entities. The modern solar inverters are different from traditional grid connected solar power systems that can only provide electricity during the day and cannot provide power for your home or business during a blackout.

Eaton has been providing cross business solutions in key industry segments in Africa since 1927 with major focus areas including mining, data centres, solar and wind, utilities and oil and gas.

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Eaton’s offices are located in South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Algeria and Nigeria. With 300K sq. ft. of manufacturing space located in South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, Eaton offers a broad portfolio supplemented by “made for Africa” products and services. 900 Eaton employees and 18 distributors across the region are dedicated to the growth and transformation of Africa’s businesses.


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