Resist GMO Foods and starve to death

This is for those who consider GMO based foods harmful. You cannot do a blanket condemnation of all GMO products. For starters, everyone today eats and or promote the consumption of GMO foods. If you have ever drunk fermented products like beer or wine, used Yoghurt, or consumed cheese, you have technically used a GMO food item. If you have promoted the idea that our sugar industry should adopt modern fast maturity sugarcane, then you are pro GMO. Imported sugar that has flooded the Kenyan market for years that everyone has consumed at one point in their life come from GMO sugarcane or beet crop. These are the sugarcane that mature faster and contain more sucrose compared to standard crops.

GMO technologies have also helped potato, cassava, maize, rise and other crop farmers plant crops that are drought and disease resistant; crops that have come in handy as donation whenever our country faces starvation.

I agree there are GMO that could be harmful for consumption. But just as medical research for production of new drugs and vaccines tweak their products to ensure safety for human use, Food technologists and other Bio Scientists that are engaged in GMO always ensure that the final product passed as suitable for consumption have met the stringent safety standards.

You may resist the adoption of some GMO foods, but as the population continues to grow and global warming continues to impact agricultural production leading to scarcity of ordinary foods, the only way humanity must survive is to adopt biotech products like GMO foods – the alternative will be to starve to death.

Finally, there are millions of people who are now able to benefit directly from GMO and Biotech advances. People allergic to eggs are today able to get their egg proteins from non-chicken eggs (synthetic eggs). Beef is being produced without the use of cattle, and variety of other nutrients are being made available without using their natural sources. It is these technologies that will ensure we have food security for all nations.

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