My First Impression of Tecno Phantom 5

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One of these days the world will take notice of what Tecno and Infinix are doing when comes to smartphones. In the next few days Tecno will launch Tecno Phantom 5 in Kenya and the phone is simply in another level compared to what they have done so far. I mean i expected something good from their flagship phone  but i have to say that with Tecno Phantom 5, they have done well. Still trying to see more of what this phone is made of but here is my first impression of the phone.

Let start with the Display

The world simply fell in love with Phablet and there is no looking back on this one at the moment. Tecno is not going to be left behind in that front. Phantom 5 comes with 5.5 inches FHD screen with 1080 x 1920 screen resolution. That is just like 0.02 inches less than what the original Phablet design is/was. Anyway the point is people like big phones and the phone makers are giving them exactly what they want.


Storage and Memory

When the phones start to overtake most computers in specs, then you know that finally we are heading to a time when PCs will  become irrelevant, the death of PCs that was predicted a long time ago might at long last come to pass. But let us not get ahead of ourselves, so back to Phantom 5. Storage and Memory are not  really the best in the market but I am impressed by the 32GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM. Multitasking really made easier and let me put this into context, remember that the Apple’s latest iPhone, iPhone 6 has 1 GB RAM . At this point it is important to  mention a well known fact that  Apple products are several years behind everyone else.

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With time, as more people come online in Kenya, Internet Data is gaining more significant especially as a major revenue source for telcos. The problem at the moment for many people is the lack of access to reliable and fast internet. Sometime the issue is not with the telcos but with devices people use to access the internet. That is why it always important to mention the network technology capability on each phone. In that line you wouldn’t be disappointed by Phantom 5. Yes, it is 4G enabled and of course by default 2G/3G.


Camera is one area that everyone is trying to outdo everyone. And the consumers should just sit back and enjoy taking selfies and the beautiful places in Kenya. Tecno has taken it to another level especially with the front facing camera. I can bet that most people would love to have 8MP front facing cameras on their phones.. and yes that what you would get with Tecno Phantom 5.   The device comes with 13MP back camera with LED flash and a 8MP front facing camera also with flash.



Earlier on we talked about multitasking but apart from good RAM you also need different processor lanes to enable it to happen. And here comes Tecno Phantom 5 with 1.5GHZ Octa-core CPU. My experience so far is, it is fast.

Fingerprint Identity Sensor

When you look at the smartphones these days, the makers just upgrade the existing features. So every year we get better processor, better camera, better storage, better RAM and the list continues but it is rare to see new innovative features. A part from the 4G thing this is the other completely new feature on Tecno Phantom series.  They are not the first one to do it but it is great to see them also making progress in this direction.   Phantom 5  has 360 degree fingerprint sensor located just below the back camera . Still exploring the phone, so i might discover some other new features later.

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Consumers might have not noticed but in the last few months mobile phone vendors have started to learn how to be more efficient with power. Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S both either  maintained or dropped in battery capacity with optimization of the chipset. Phantom has 3000 mAh battery capacity  which is good at the moment. It is possible to serve you for more than 6.5 hours with active calls. For basic calls and internet surfing, it can last for two days without charging.


The phone when launched in Kenya will be retailing at Ksh.40,000. Meanwhile you can put your pre-order. Details here







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