How To Download iOS9 On iPhone And iPad

iOS9 is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to download. The software update comes with new features like updated digital assistant Siri, improved battery life, and the addition of public transport information in Apple Maps. Apple announced iOS9 after it launched the iPhone 6S and 6S+.

How to download iOS9

  • Device compatibility

iOS9 is compatible with iPhone4s and above, the iPad 2 and above, both iPad Airs, all the three iPad minis and the 5th generation iPod touch. However, if your device can run iOS 8, chances are it can also run iOS 9.


  • Storage space

iOS9 takes a relatively smaller space compared to the other updates. The software takes 1.3GB but iOS8 takes 4.58GB. Before downloading the new software, you must have enough space on your device.

So how do you check your storage space?Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage. Here you can see how much you have used, how much is available and which apps are taking up the most space.

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The installation process may require more space. So, Apple will temporarily delete apps and then reinstate them after the update is completed.

  • Back up your data

Check if your data is being automatically backed up by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup, and checking whether the iCloud Backup tab is switched on. At the bottom of the window, there should also be a timestamp of when the last backup was performed. If it has been a while, tap “Back Up Now” to get your latest data into iCloud. You can also back up your data through iTunes, by plugging in your iPhone into your home PC or Mac, and pressing “Back Up Now.”

  • Make sure you have good internet connection

Downloading a 1.3GB file on your phone can guzzle your data, so it’s better you use WiFi. The software will be downloaded effectively if you a good internet connection.

  • Download iOS9

Download the file going to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install. Once the iOS 9 software is downloaded, you will be alerted on whether to continue downloading or do it later.

The Telegraph reports that, if you are using a broadband to download, it will take almost nine minutes since it has a download speed of around 22Mbps. However, those with speeds of just 5Mbps could see the download take 37 minutes.

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