Every Car Should Be An Uber Car

Many people don’t like Uber because of its shortcomings. The world’s leading startup wants every car to be an Uber car. The development of car technology has led to great advancements made in the motor industry. Google made the driverless cars which are currently taking root in America and other countries.

“Every car should be an Uber car”. Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO believes this will only be possible if all cars are Uber connected. “We want to make transportation as reliable as running water,” Kalanick said. This move has a number of advantages…it will reduce traffic, increase parking spaces and jobs. Car owners will be able to reach their destinations easily without getting behind the wheel. “Our whole thing is about making Uber cheaper than owning a car.” He added.

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Kalanick was speaking with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff during Salesforce’s annual DreamForce convention in San Francisco on Wednesday and he highlighted Uber’s figures and the company’s future. Uber is currently operating in 60 countries and serves thousands of passengers per minute. The company is currently valued at more than $50billion. In addition to that, 100,000 people use its carpooling service, called UberPool, each week in every city where it’s available.

The company is planning to expand even further and connect people in every corner of the continent. The company has faced many roadblocks along the way. Countries have compact laws that find it hard to allow Uber operations. Uber drivers have been criticized around the globe for not abiding by some laws and mistreating passengers. The critics threaten Uber’s business model. However, the CEO is not pinned down by the threats,”Uber is  pumped to give rides around the city and provide drivers with an income opportunity.” He said.

“We give riders high-fives,” he said. “We give drivers hugs.”

The company has great plans to transform every car into Uber cars. They hope to work with Driverless cars and venture in the delivery sector. Uber is already working on UberEats.

“Once you can deliver cars in five minutes, there’s a lot of things you can deliver in five minutes,” Kalanick said. “If something is moving from somewhere to somewhere else in a city, that’s our jam and every car should be an Uber car.”

Uber made it easy for Kenyans when it allowed the use of cash and mobile money. Initially it was hard to use the hailing service.

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