Dimension Data in efforts to change cloud solution perception in Kenya

Data solution service is still seen as a security threat not only for individual use but also for organizations. Many business owners and those in the corporate sector look at cloud as the easiest way to get hacked regardless of its pros especially for organizations with immense data base.

With previous incidences where top office individuals and renown musicians have had sensitive information leaked to the public through cloud, most developing countries have kept off the advanced technology in fear of the same considering little knowledge on the service.

However, dimension data can attest to positive change concerning teh service since they first set up in Kenya three years ago. In a country that barely used cloud service, the specialist in IT infrastructure solutons and services has pointed out notable changes one of them being the increase of Cloud platforms that clients can be served from that has jumped from the initial 5 to 17.

The rise in numbers has created built-in redundancy and in the same breathe giving more choices for the client. With time, various sectors and industries have grown the need of cloud solution services for their organizations. It is important to note, most of this organizations have previously not been served by existing platforms.

Organizations who have been served by simple connections in this case correct to say traditional platforms question the services guarantee to security in fear of moving resources to the cloud. These entities not born in the cloud age are also concerned with Data Sovereign Laws as in ‘Where my data sits, is it legal to have it there?’

Dimension Kenya has therefore suggested that laws be put up to define what we need seated in the cloud and what we do not need, and once that is resolved, we will see more and more organizations adopting cloud solutions.

In Kenya, Dimension Data owns Access Kenya, an ISP which is part of Internet Solutions, a division of Dimension Data Middle East & Africa which falls under Dimension Data Holdings plc. Dimension Data Holdings plc is wholly-owned by the NTT Group.



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