Alcatel OneTouch Plans To Release An Affordable Smartphone Running On Windows 10

Alcatel makes affordable phones and they are currently working on a phone that will run on Microsoft’s Windows 10. Windows 10 was launched few weeks ago and a number of tech companies are stretching their hands to have a share. The company plans to unveil a Windows 10 smartphone before the end of the year, Steve Cistulli, Alcatel OneTouch’s senior vice president said.

“We are very supportive of the Windows ecosystem,” Cistulli said. This confirms the rumor that was doing rounds about details of a purported Windows 10 smartphone made by Alcatel OneTouch. The device was dubbed the Fierce XL.

CNET reports that Alcatel OneTouch’s backing represents a rare bit of support for Windows 10 on the smartphone side. Computer based companies have taken in the new software, but smartphone makers are slow towards the Microsoft offering since Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS software have dominated the mobile market. Microsoft plays up the unifying factor of Windows 10, with its ability to run phones, PCs, tablets and other devices, but the lack of notable applications and a markedly different user experience has tempered consumer interest.

Microsoft has come a long way after it acquired the hardware operations of phone maker Nokia back in 2014. However, the Redmond, Washington, company claimed that the deal failed and plans are underway to maximize its full potential by cutting off some liabilities. The company has provided that it will launch a high-end Windows 10 smartphone by the end of the year.

Windows phones have been struggling in High-end phone production since other tech companies like Samsung and Apple release amazing devices every year. Microsoft decided to venture in budget phones when they released the Microsoft Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 smartphones. The phones were dubbed the most affordable Lumia devices offering the latest Windows Phone 8.1 capabilities at an incredible price. Three months ago Microsoft launched the dual Lumia 540 that features; crisp, clear, 5-inch HD display; 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash; 5-megapixel front-facing; 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 200 processor and 1GB RAM, 8 GB internal mass memoryup to 128 GB Micro SD. OneDrive built-in 30GB free cloud storage.

Alcatel OneTouch hopes to maintain the Lumia’s success and plans to bring out an affordable smartphone running on Windows 10.

“In the near term, we will run a more effective phone portfolio, with better products and speed to market given the recently formed Windows and Devices Group. We plan to narrow our focus to three customer segments where we can make unique contributions and where we can differentiate through the combination of our hardware and software. We’ll bring business customers the best management, security and productivity experiences they need; value phone buyers the communications services they want; and Windows fans the flagship devices they’ll love.” Satya Nadella wrote.

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