Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and iPhone 6S Plus Head To Head

Now we have two biggest contenders in the smartphone market. Which one of these ideal phones is the real deal? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and iPhone 6S PlusĀ  head to head.


iPhone 6S Plus does not have anything out of the box as far as design is concerned, it looks exactly the same as the old iPhone 6. The new phone has no new design features like curved screen, customized design and no removable parts. iPhone 6S Plus is thin wrapped in a metal frame and sealed by a double layer of scratch-resistantĀ glass.

The home button does not have anything new except the fact that it has an enhanced finger print reader which is a second generation Touch ID. The volume keys are on the right-hand side along with a switch that alters the notification mode.

However, Samsung made a number of changes on their previous releases including the curved screen design and withdrawing the ability to expand the memory or remove the battery. Galaxy S6 Edge+ added the fingerprint reader on the front panel, moving the volume keys to the left side and the power button to the right.


The selling point of iPhone 6S Plus is the Force Touch technology. In short, 3D touch. Force Touch was first introduced on the Apple Watch but it has now been re-branded as 3D Touch on the new iPhones. The phone can register the amount of pressure applied on the screen and allow the user perform two functions at the same time. In addition, the phone is 5.5 inches and it’s said to have a resolution of 1,242 x 2,208 pixels.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a bigger screen (5.7 inches) and offers an impressive resolution of 2,560 x 1,140 pixels QHD. Samsung does not have 3D touch but the display is curved onĀ both sides, making it both alluring and functional, particularly with dedicated functions such as People Edge and Apps Edge.

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Galaxy S6 Edge+ runs the latest version of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, supported by an improved TouchWiz interface and Samsung said that they will upgrade it to Android Marshmallow as soon as possible. S6 Edge Plus offers voice and gesture commands, a heart rate monitor and extensive personalization options.

iPhone 6S+ runs the latest iOS 9. Apple has made some improvements to Siri hence it can now handle calendars, contacts and third party applications smoothly. iPhone allows users to insert photos, drawings and links to notes and the News app works amazingly well.


Samsung performs extremely well because it uses the latest Android Lollipop and powered by an Exynoss 7420 processor and supported by 4 GB RAM. The phone is pretty amazing when it comes to performance since it’s able to support high definition Games and heavy Apps.

Apple’s latest beast has a 64-bit A9 processor powered by 1 GB of RAM which is quite a substantial drop in specifications compared with the Samsung. However, rumor has it that the company has optimized the system and it’s quite smooth.


Everybody wants a good camera and these two phones have the best. Galaxy has 16 MP (back) and 5 MP (front) cameras. On the other side, the iPhone offers 12 MP which is 50 percent more pixels than the last iPhone and OIS. The camera has 4K video and a True Tone flash on the back.


The iPhone it’s said to have a 2,750 mAh battery but I don’t think it can stay 24 hours without a charge. However, Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh and has a fast charging feature, the device can be fully charged in approximately 90 minutes. The phone’s back panel is glass which means it allows wireless charging.


iPhone 6S Plus has three price levels;Ā the 16, 64 and 128 GB versions. On a two-year contract the phones will cost you the same as the original iPhone 6 Plus: $299, $399 or $499. Retail prices areĀ $749,Ā $849 and $949 respectively and Pre-orders will begin on September 12 with shipments going out on September 25. iOS 9 will go out September 16.

Galaxy S6 Edge 32 GB costs Ksh 77,999 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64 GB goes for Ksh 89,999.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and iPhone 6S Plus are amazing, so which one would you buy? I think S6 Edge+ is clearly better equipped because it has more RAM and more power overall.

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