Google has introduced a new version of Chrome that is faster and gives your device an extra battery life. Chrome is a very popular browser but it has a number of disadvantages. The browser has many extensions and background Apps that take huge amount of space in computers and smartphones memory. Chrome slows down your computer and guzzles power from your device. Well, Google wants to rectify that.

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To increase the speed, Chrome will now look for idle data that crowds a computer’s memory and take it out as garbage. Google had already been doing some garbage collecting in previous versions of Chrome. But now, it will wait until Web pages are finished loading and completely idle — then it will “aggressively clean up old, unused memory.” CNN reports that, by waiting until a page is idle until it drops the hammer on unused memory, Google says that Web pages will perform faster. Previous versions of Chrome took out the garbage at random times, sometimes in the middle of an animation or video.

“The released Google Chrome will be able to reduce memory usage by 10% on average and up to 45% in some cases.” Google said.

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“In case you set Chrome to automatically restore the tabs you were using when you last closed your browser, Google will now check your system’s memory before reloading all of your previously used tabs. That will save some of your system’s memory too.” Google added.”In addition to all the memory savings, Chrome will also spare your smartphone or laptop’s battery consumption. By automatically pausing Flash animations that aren’t crucial to a website’s operations. It can save up to 15% of your battery life.”

The 15% figure comes from Google’s lab tests, but the company said the total battery savings will depend on a number of factors, including which operating system you use and how much Flash content is on the websites you visit. Google provided that it will turn on that feature for all users over the next few weeks.

Google’s new update is a good news for Chrome users because of its reliability and friendliness. Google normally launch new versions after every six months but the current update is great.

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