Toyota Is Investing On Cars That Can Think For Themselves

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  • Posted: September 5, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world and everything will soon have a brain of their own. Imagine a car that has an artificial brain. It all started with the Advertising giant M&C Saatchi testing advertising billboards with hidden Microsoft Kinect cameras that read emotions and react according to whether a person’s facial expression is happy, sad or neutral. Well, now Toyota announced that it will be investing $50 million into establishing joint research facilities at Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to bring artificial intelligence technology to the road and into the home.

Technology cuts across everything. Vehicles today have inbuilt tech which is amazing but has some disadvantages since they made them vulnerable to hackers. Toyota wants to make smart cars and they hope to get help from Stanford and MIT to create a smart machine that can not only react to stimulus, but can also make complex judgements about its environment and interact naturally and in concert with its human driver.

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The automakers said that it doesn’t necessarily equate artificial intelligence with autonomous driving, but the two technologies are certainly linked. Autonomous cars, for example, will need an AI that can think its way through inaccuracies in map data or interactions with pedestrians. However, a vehicle with a human driver can still be enriched by AI.

Cnet reports that a vehicle which is AI enabled can recognize when the driver is in a foul mood and respond by playing their favorite album or by more closely monitoring that driver for aggressive or distracted behaviors. The future AI could also notice that the driver has forgotten to call their mother, respond with a reminder and even automatically take over with autonomous driving functions for the duration of the call should the driver seem distracted by the discussion.

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Toyota assured their customers that they are not working towards making cars that don’t need drivers, but smart machines that can interact more seamlessly and harmoniously with the people inside and outside of the car. This kind of innovation will probably reduce accidents which are caused by ignorance from drivers. Other innovations like adaptive cruise control that can maintain a safe following distance behind a lead car to lane-departure prevention that can steer a vehicle to stay between road stripes have not helped in reducing the number of accidents on our roads.

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