How To Check The Contacts You Message The Most On WhatsApp


Yesterday I was going through my WhatsApp chats only to find out that, the friends I often chat with are not even my closest friends. WhatsApp has opened avenues where users are able to boldly chat with strangers without freaking out, I think this is the reason why teenagers love it so much. Sometimes conversations can be filled with emoji signs and faces without using words and some people don’t even know the meaning of those smiley faces.

How to find your best friend on WhatsApp. Take note that the method works for iOS users only.

  • Press settings
  • Select account
  • Select storage usage

The app will now display the total amount of WhatsApps sent at the top of the page, and rank your contacts and groups via the amount of interactions you’ve shared with that person/group.

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By selecting the “Size” tab at the bottom of your screen, you can see who you have spent the most data chatting with.

Telegraph reports that the update was introduced with WhatsApp update 2.12.3 back in June, designed to inform you how much space each of your chats is taking up on your device.

Two years ago Facebook bought WhatsApp. Currently the App has around 800Million users who share more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos each day. Of these 800 million, around 600 million are believed to be Android users, according to GlobalWebIndex.

Recently WhatsApp rolled a feature to its instant messaging app for Android that allows users to mark messages as “unread”. Other features include the ability to “mute” a conversation for eight hours, one week, or one year, and to assign ringtones, vibration lengths, lights or popup notifications to specific conversations and low data usage option for voice calls has also been added.

Social media has helped many institutions including banks to make work easier. Recently NIC Bank introduced NIC KONNECT which allows customers to use various social media platforms to privately access their banking services. Customers are able to access a number of services via social media. The services include; balance inquiry, mini statements, airtime purchase, funds transfers and utility payments.

Surprisingly, you can now order your meals via WhatsApp. My colleague did a story on how WhatsApp saved him from starving. The network is connecting businesses and people are able to network effectively.

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