Fuel Cell – Soon Your Laptop Will Run For Days Without A Recharge

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  • Posted: September 4, 2015 at 3:12 pm

My laptop always disappoints me when it comes to battery life which implies that, if there’s a blackout I have to stay ‘logged off’. Many people can support me on this. Most complaints raised on electronics is about their battery life. Smartphones and laptops have a tendency of running out of power when you’re least prepared. Well, Apple is planning to fix this problem and make life better.

Apple filed a Patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, for a “Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device.” In short, this will be an internal power system that can run a laptop for days or even weeks without refueling.

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The patent was first reported by 9to5Mac. Apple plans to design the fuel cell without adding extra weight. Fuel cells tend to be compelling because of their ability to pack a lot of energy into a relatively small package, compared to a battery. Apple has a vision of making fuel cells that can be built directly into electronics. Technically, fuel cells for electronics are designed for portable charging, in which a person carries a fuel cartridge and can recharge a smartphone or music player.

So how does a fuel cell create electricity? It combines a fuel, such as hydrogen, with an oxidizing agent, like oxygen or air. The technology is very useful and can be used to power a number of devices hence not only could it replace batteries, it could also be used as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, like oil and gas.

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Hydrogen is commonly used by many people around the world so, Apple’s patent will adversely have an impact on users. However, Apple’s patent outlines a number of potential fuel sources, including sodium borohydride and water, sodium silicate and water, lithium hydride and water, magnesium hydride and water, among others; including liquid hydrogen and compressed hydrogen gas..

Cnet reports that in 2011 Apple filed a patent on Fuel Cells. “Fuel cells and associated fuels can potentially achieve high volumetric and gravimetric energy densities, which can potentially enable continued operation of portable electronic devices for days or even weeks without refueling,” according to the patent application. The application was for a portable computing device.

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