Reach Your Audience Easily Through Twitter Self Service Ads Platform If You Have A Small Business

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  • Posted: September 3, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Twitter is now an online village where people work, advertise, chat and thieves have decided to venture in online schemes. Many brands and personalities have evolved through Twitter with the help of BAKE and other influential bloggers. Recently Twitter removed the 140 character limitation to keep the conversation going. Twitter is announcing the expansion of their self-service ads platform to Kenya and over 200 markets around the world. The service was previously available in 33 countries only. As a result of the announcement, small and medium businesses in over 200 markets can more effectively reach their target audiences on Twitter in 15 languages. In addition, there are now approximately 100,000 active advertisers on Twitter, including SMBs.

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According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, approximately 22.3 million people are accessing the Internet in Kenya and this speaks to the significance of the digital media for consumers and small businesses. The roll out of the Twitter Ads self service platform in Kenya will help small and medium businesses in Kenya more efficiently optimize their use of Twitter to attract and reach their audiences.

Since Twitter Ads for SMBs was launched over two years ago, clients have used creative, measurement, and targeting tools to drive website clicks or conversions, leads, and app installs or re-engagements. And, with objective-based campaigns, reports, and pricing, it’s easier than ever for SMBs to drive results on Twitter while only paying for the actions that align with their marketing objectives

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This announcement comes at a time when entrepreneurship has taken centre stage in Kenya and when more national and private sector resources are being dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Small and medium businesses in Kenya will now be able to expand their business audiences through the use of Twitter self service ads.

The advantages

Users are able to select the best ad format

Twitter self service ads will provide the best ad format to help accomplish advertising goals. For example, you can use the Website Card if you want to drive high-quality traffic to your website. Or, you can leverage the Lead Generation Card to collect leads directly within a Tweet. Our suite of creative formats enables you to captivate your target audience at all points of relevance throughout the day.

Enable users reach target audience

Twitter offers a number of analytic dashboards to help you measure your performance and optimize accordingly. For instance, the Tweet activity dashboard tracks your organic Tweet activity — showing you what content resonates most with your audience. Audience insights helps you easily discover valuable insights about your followers, the people who have engaged with your organic Tweets, your ad campaigns, or your tailored audience campaigns. And, you can easily install conversion tracking to understand the full conversion impact of impressions and engagements from your Promoted Tweets campaigns.

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