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Everyone wants to feel important. In gatherings, banking halls, team building activities, and in political discussions, there will always be that one person who want to be the king or queen of the group. Be it in church, funerals or in class. You have heard of Governors behaviors where majority carry their own Gubernatorial podiums and seats to far off meetings. The story of Raila complaining of lack of red carpet and a toilet is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

A story is told of a Luo man and a Kyuk woman in a banking hall. The Luo man got into the bank and realized that the queue was way longer than usual, so, feeling important, he jumped the queue and headed straight to the teller, almost kicking out the customer who was being served.

“Can I get someone to attend to me? I don’t have the time to wait for all these people otherwise I’ll be late for my flight to Dubai”. He yelled.

“Sir, I’m sorry but I kindly request you to join the queue, your turn will come before you know it”.

“Madam, you seem not to know who I am. Here is my ID and bank account number. Check that account and tell me if I’m supposed to queue with everyone else”.

“Sir, if it is so urgent, kindly visit the Managers office and he will advise us on whether to give you priority treatment”.

As advised the proud young Luo Inside Dubai bound man saw himself in the manager’s office. After the manager confrimed  that his account was worth a few millions, he gave him the priority treatment he so desperately yearned. While walking out of his office to instruct a teller to attend to the proud Luo, the manager noticed the Kyuk lady  at the tail end of the line. On his way back to the office, he surmoned the lady to follow him.

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“Sir is there any problem?” she asked.

“No, but you should be attended to at our Prestige section”, the manager explained.

“Well, I am okay right here.”

After about half an hour, the lady got served by the same teller who attended to the impatient Luo. Checking her account, the teller realized that the Kyuk was worth billions.

Above is a true story that happened roughly a year ago. It reminded me of my experience with another Luo guy whose six figure salary caused him to insult and yell at everyone in the office and road users alike. His behavior was in sharp contrast to a gentleman I happened to have sat next to on my flight to Khartoum several years back. Given that it was my very first flight, the gentlemen helped me to feel comfortable throughout the journey. At some point I was wondering why everyone had a head set and the gentleman showed me how to set up mine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I later Googled him out to realize that he was this dollar billionaire with massive investments in South Africa, US and Europe. “What the heck was he doing in economy class?, I asked myself. So polite, so humble, and so helpful.

The Kikuyu woman and the dollar billionaire are the few of us. Majority are the arrogant, proud, important feeling middle class whose emotions are controlled by a few millions. As a majority, it is important to appreciate what Safaricom has planned for us as far as enjoying the mobile phone services are concerned.

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Just as banks have Prestige sections for those of us that loathe queuing, Safaricom has launched a Post Pay plan dubbed Safaricom Advantage Plus intended to give us priority treatment whenever we call Safaricom customer care, or visit the several Safaricom customer care centres.

This is how the Advantage Plus works:

You first have to register. If you are already a Post Pay customer, you need to dial *200# and select the Advantage Plus sub menu. Don’t feel left out if you are a Pre Pay customer like me. Just go ahead and dial *100#. From the Advantage Plus sub menu you will chose a suitable plan depending on your Airtime, data bundles and SMS needs per month. The plans are as shown in the image below.

Safaricom Advantage Plus

Once you have registered to your Safaricom Advantage Plus, you will now be a VIP customer with Safaricom whereby you will receive:

  • Priority assistance at all Safaricom shops
  • Platinum club membership
  • Free Mi-Fi Router for the first 1000 customers (I guess you may be too late for this)
  • Free 4G SIM Card
  • Priority access to customer care line 200
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