A closer Look at Tecno Camon 5C- The New Tecno Camera Phone

It has been a while since I last talked about the Kenyan phone market, and yes I have an excuse…writer block bla bla bla bla. Well, now I am back. Back for real and not just about talking about the phones but will cover a host of issues and development that have been going on in the Kenyan tech world in the last few months. So let me start with this phone that I have been using for the last few weeks… For those who are keen on which phones are selling in Kenya, you must have heard or seen Tecno Camon C5.



So before I say much here the basic facts about this phone

  • Price Ksh.13,000
  • 4G enabled
  • Camera 8MP back and 2MP selfie side
  • 5 inch HD screen
  • 8GB internal memory and a RAM of 1 GB

Now this phone is purely marketed by Tecno as a camera phone and faster internet. For those who are already using phones with 13 or 16 MP or even 41MP, would probably shrug your shoulder when you read what I am saying here but at that price level, that is a very good camera to have. Below is what our very own  Erik Vateta said about the Tecno Camon C5 camera when he made the announcement sometime back

“Tecno prides on the phone’s camera because it understands sign language hence the phone can automatically take a picture when you show the peace sign (v shape) with your hand to the camera. In addition to that you can also use your voice to capture pictures by simply saying cheese or capture. How amazing is that? A dedicated camera button has been placed for easy access for those who like quick photos”





According to techlector.com, through their Tecno sources, the word Camon means, “Camera on”. So Tecno guys concentration when they were designing this phone was on the camera and I must say that I wish they had given it more than 8GB internal storage. Of course it is interesting time that I can complain about the 8GB internal storage which was a dream to have in a computer like 15 years ago. For the record 8GB internal memory and 1GB RAM for Ksh13K phone is more than awesome and you wouldn’t find that in many other phones.

The other good stuff about the phone is the fact that it is 4G enabled. Since Safaricom launched the 4G(LTE) last year , the phone makers have brought in some incredible budget phones in the Kenyan market. To understand why this is important go back to the recent Communication Authority report about the internet /data use in Kenya. According that report

Data/internet subscriptions grew by 14.3 per cent during the quarter to 18.8 million from 16.3 million subscriptions in the last quarter. Consequently, the estimated number of Internet users rose to 29.1 million up from 26.1 million users estimated during the previous quarter. 71.7 percent up of the population had access to the Internet up from 64.1 percent during the last quarter.

As more Kenyans go online to use internet, the question start moving away from the rate of the internet penetration to the quality or speed of the internet available to each of the users. It is fact that, the type of the device one uses usually determined which generation of mobile telecommunications technology that could be accessed. By the way 4G, simply means fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. Again let us visit the CA stats.. The available Internet bandwidth in the country stands at 1.6Gbps while the used bandwidth was 783,761Mbps. That represented used capacity of 47 percent of the total available bandwidth. The conclusion is that people need better gadgets to enable them make good use of the available bandwidth..And that is one of things you get with Tecno Camon C5.


I would be doing injustice to the Tecno Camon C5 if I don’t look at its 5 inch HD screen. Again this is a very good feature to have considering the price level of the phone. For those who spend most of their times on social media, yours truly included, 5 inch phone size is now becoming the golden standard size

Finally, the phone will be available in Midnight Black, Dark Blue, Amber Gold, Oyster White colours.

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