Gregory Tyler Austin Posted His Location On Facebook Yet He’s A Wanted Man

How do you post your location on Facebook when you know very well you are a wanted man? Criminals on the run are supposed to be ghosts, nobody should know there whereabouts even. That implies that you should never open a social media account or allow people to take photos of you since Facebook’s Moments App has artificial intelligence that can identify a person’s profile easily.

38 years old Gregory Tyler Austin made it easy for police to locate him. Well, in his mind he thought it would be a brilliant idea to post his physical location on Facebook as a status update. How dumb is that? According to police, Austin had an arrest warrant for a charge of second-degree harassment. To be more specific, Austin was accused of texting a 28-year-old woman 284 times over three days. Those texts had pornographic images and marriage proposals.

On August 24th a release was made for Austin’s arrest. “Charleston police are looking for a West Ashley man wanted on a felony harassment charge. Gregory Tyler Austin, 38, of Woodmere Drive has a warrant out for his arrest on a charge of second-degree harassment. Austin is described as being about 6 feet 2 inches and 190 pounds with brown hair and eyes. He is known to drive a blue 2005 Kia Spectra, South Carolina tag AFG993.” The release said.

After the release was made, Austine went on his Facebook timeline and wrote.”There is a detective in Charleston county name Detective Broadwater..please notify him and say I’m at Pearlz in West Ashley… Come get me bO!!! I’m waiting for ya kid!!!” My opinion, I think this guy’s family should be worried because a mentally stable criminal would not post such an update and leave it in the public domain.

One of Austin’s friend on Facebook notified the police about the status update. The man was later arrested after the police followed up on the case. Reports Digital Trends.

Prior to the Facebook post that led police directly to his physical location, Austin had posted another status update which read “I’m an innocent man to a certain extent … and need a good defense attorney from the injustices that rise against.”

Legally, Austin’s charge is defined as a pattern of intentional, substantial, and unreasonable intrusion into the private life of a targeted person that serves no legitimate purpose and causes the person and would cause a reasonable person in his position to suffer mental or emotional distress. Harassment in the second degree may include, but is not limited to, verbal, written, or electronic contact that is initiated, maintained, or repeated.

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