How To Protect Your Account From Those Obscene Facebook Hacks

Have you ever been hacked on Facebook? Well, many people always post complaints that their accounts have been hacked. Many instances pornographic videos or photos are posted or tagged on accounts randomly or texts that read “See what she did with her boyfriend” and often a number of people are tagged to such posts. These posts are mostly not posted by the user. The posts are posted by people who gain entry to the victim’s account but doesn’t mean that an account has been hacked. These Facebook hacks are dangerous since they can ruin a persons reputation.

What causes the hack

Surprisingly, Facebook is not to blame for the obscene posts and videos uploaded on your account. The real culprit in this idiotic schemes are all those apps on Facebook which apparently tell you when will you die, who is your celebrity lookalike, how will you look when you grow up etc. Most of these Apps are poorly protected and after sometime they start spamming your timeline with pornographic videos and posts.

How to protect yourself

If you have fallen victim, first, you need to change your Facebook account password. It is a rare chance that these apps may use your account details to steal your data, but the possibility is always there. However, changing the password will not guarantee full protection.

The following steps will help you:

  • A panel on the left side on your Facebook newsfeed page will show you some of the Facebook apps. You can open the complete list of these apps by clicking on “More”.


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  • Each app will offer you three options: Add to favorite, Edit, and Remove.
  • Now you need to identify the app that is posting dirty posts on your timeline and click “Remove”.


The advisable way is to remove any app that you don’t use and one that looks weird. But if you have some special liking for a “Who is your best friend” you can always edit the permissions that you have given to the app. It includes permission of posting on your behalf, so disabling it will not let the app post anything on Facebook. Reports Indiatoday.

How to deal with unwanted tags

You can change your tag settings so that your name doesn’t appear without your permission.

  • Go to “Settings” from the arrow on top right corner
  • Select “Timeline and tagging” from the panel on the left of the page
  • Enable the “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?”. After enabling this, Facebook will send you a notification every time someone tags you in a photo or a post.

Now you can prevent Facebook hacks and enjoy the App safely without having to post, “Sorry guys my account was hacked…am totally holy.”

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