USIU Patners with Tech Republic in an innovation boot camp meant to equip teens with coding skills

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The United States International University Africa in conjunction with Tech Republic have partnered to offer upper Primary pupils and Secondary students aged 12-19 a platform through which they can learn and expand their coding prowess.

The university has partnered with Tech Republic a technology education firm dedicated to increasing engagement in technology and computer science by making it more accessible to upper primary and high school students. The firm is also dedicated to making computer science and computer programming part of the education system’s core curriculum alongside other science and mathematics courses.

Eligible students

The five-day long innovation camp already running was set to commence on August 24 through August 28 2015. No previous coding experience is necessary for the participants; however, students who have intermediate tech skills will be challenged with additional exercises.

Students who wish to join the programme will be needed to pay 7,100 KES that will cater for daily meals and training materials. According to the two organizing parties; USIU-Africa and Tech Republic the participation fee has been subsidized to ensure that cost is not a barrier and the camp is accessible to as many students as possible.

Co-ed tech sessions will be offered in web design, app development, computer programming, digital marketing, blogging and social media. The workshop curriculum is designed to be educative and exciting, tied in with hands-on experience that combines a child’s passion for computers with exposure to top instructors.

“Our approach is centered on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. We are teaching our students to create and grow their own apps and online presence whilst maintaining a strong academic and practical focus,” said Amanda Gicharu-Kemoli, Co-founder of Tech Republic.

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