Kenyans’ Fetish for a good lifestyle defined by Television sales says Allan Oyier

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According to Allan Oyier, General Manager, Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung East and Central Africa the majority of people in Kenya are most keen to enjoying the best lifestyles and always look forward to owning a modern home.

While homeowners of the past hoped to purchase new or newly remodeled homes, at least are least likely to build their own home,  opting to buy or rent a house they can repair and improve on their own, incorporating their personal preferences into the home’s design.

Despite the increased cost of such smart devices and services, most people are more likely to view smart electronics as a good home investment for the long term while identifying the kitchen, laundry room and living room as areas that would benefit most from smart technology.

Modern Kenyans who are in the middle class life and have disposable income to drive in and invest in new lifestyle trends already have a good idea of what they want for their homes, so when they start to buy home appliances, they will settle for the modern items with the most creative and less complicated technology and with convenience of usage.

The uptown urban person appreciates quality lifestyle and they will demand certain features to match their desired lifestyles, thanks to the Smart home concept . They also value living in environments that are conducive to creativity and encourage productivity.

Electronic companies, suppliers are in the front of ensuring lifestyles are complemented with these trendy and flashy electronics; the trend that fits modern apartments. From curved and Tvs to modern fridges, washing machines, electronic manufactures have ensured that these modern electronics are in homes.

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“The consumer electronic boom with increasing market share with the Tvs sales have  gone  up and dominate the market with a more than 50% market share .The market target is to ensure  reaching to both people both at corporate and business level”,says Allan Oyier.

In a typical home there is need for convergence, efficiency of tracking, environment and user friendly enjoying the environment. Most people look for convergence, convenience and inter connectivity in homes between one gadget and another for the purposes of tracking and alerting. Electronic gadgets like air conditioners can easily be regulated using phones. Tvs can act as alarms.

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