Fervid launches the first all-in-one-demand services App, that leverages on mobile technology and Data

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Fervid digital team has launched the first ever all-in-one on-demand services ordering app that allows users to demand security, emergency and unlimited services. YetuApp aims at achieving an application with higher flexibility and data-centric mobile experience with its geo-based feature.

The new application by Fervid incorporates a long listing of service providers, services and their real-time locations. Besides giving users easy time locating a point of service like a police station at any given time, the app also lessens time to await a service. Instead of the usual pre-booking and several days wait, Kennedy Odoyo, Fervid’s managing director says the new app can give users service in 9 minutes or less.

To back up the speed at which users can receive services, the app allows emergency services to make use the digital information and technology, rather than operate in silos or lack the co-ordination and a common interface that would allow texts and digital data to be used effectively.

Modern technology plus data

Fervid’s team took a common approach to harness modern technology and bring together data from numerous sources to provide users with an ability to access more accurate locations of service providers recommended by YetuApp.

Odoyo, who also leads the research team at Fervid, built a user-friendly interface for app that enable mobile phone users to connect to all service providers, including police, ambulance, taxi, boda boda (Motorbike Taxi), road rescue, fire fighter services, movers, car rentals, courier services, doctor services, flower delivery services, food delivery, gift delivery, hotel, laundry, maid, massage, mechanic, movie rental, phone repair, plumber, electrician, painter, welder, Smart Fellas, wine delivery, cleaner and escort.

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Globally, “radical changes” are needed to the 999 emergency call service since more people use text messages rather than phone calls, and abandon landlines in favour of smartphones. Fervid made use of its digital team’s capabilities build into smartphones and apps, such as GPS location tracking, to improve the effectiveness of emergency responses.

Business use

The YetuApp is forecast to offer services to individuals, small enterprises, and large corporations on a pay-per-use monthly or yearly license basis. This enables a user to reassert control over application cost and usage. For business users, the app is looking to reduce downtime with rapid access to client information.

Also recognized as leader in mobile enterprise services in Kenya, Fervid’s mobile offerings combine industry knowledge and business process advisory services.

The app can be accessed by visiting YetuApp Website www.yetuapp.com afterwards; users can download the YetuApp iPhone (as from 27th August 2015) or Android app on the Google Play and Apple Store (Now Available) and register to request a service of their choice. Once the app is installed on the phone, a user can text or call a service provider.

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