Cochin Airport – World’s First Airport That Runs Entirely On Solar Power

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  • Posted: August 20, 2015 at 5:32 pm

Solar power is the best source of power that’s why Google is helping users harness more power. The solar powered plane was an achievement but the airport that runs everything using the sun is entirely a different story. Cochin International Airport in the southern state of Kerala India is now officially the world’s first airport that runs exclusively on solar power.

The airport is one of the biggest in India, it covers around 1,500,000 square feet of terminal space alone. This is the best achievement that has ever been reported. The facility is absolutely power neutral which means that it creates just as much energy as it consumes.

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To generate enough power to run the facility, the airport had to build its own 12 MWp solar power plant onsite, which is comprised of more than 46,000 solar panels splayed across 45 acres of land. This array is expected to produce somewhere around “50,000 to 60,000 units of electricity each day” — which, on a good day, is just over what the airport consumes during its normal operational functions. Reports Digital Trends.

Construction of the airport took some time. It began transitioning from electricity to renewable energy back in 2013 by installing a small solar panel array on the rooftops of its terminals. As it expanded the arrays over the next couple years, it relied on a mixture of solar power and grid power. Today they have completed the whole project and it’s 100 percent solar. However, Cochin Airport is still connected to the grid just in case the normally sun-drenched area gets a streak of overcast days.

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Statistics on the environmental impact Cochin Airport will cause are still not out because of some complications involved, but analysts expect the solar power array to cut somewhere around 300,000 tons worth of carbon emissions in India over the next 25 years.

Carbon Dioxide is a deadly gas which governments should hold hands and ensure that people receive clean air everyday. We featured an article that mentioned the impacts of air pollution to human. Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk and taking more lives than AIDS, malaria, cancer and tuberculosis. Smoke and other gases from industries cause a danger to many people in cities and neighboring towns. Unfortunately China is the most affected because of many industries that sprout daily. A study was done and found out that air pollution in China is killing around 4,400 people per day.

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