Kenyans to face the law if found in possession of excisable goods from unauthorized manufacturers

Here is a list of authorized manufacturers and importers

Pursuant to Section 90 and Section 116 (B) of the Customs and Excise Act, CAP 472 of the Laws of Kenya, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has produced a list of companies that have been duly licensed to manufacturer as well as import excisable goods. This comes after KRA lay down guidelines for manufacturers and importers to follow.

The authority body has therefore advised wholesalers, retailers and other outlets including customers against purchasing  from unauthorised companies or else face the law in accordance to Section 185 (1) (d) (iii) of the Customs and Excise Act, CAP 472 of the Laws of Kenya.

Any goods in respect of the offence under Section 90, Section 116 (B) and Section 191 of the Act as read together with the Customs and Excise (Excisable Goods Management System) Regulations, 2013 shall be seized and destroyed at the offenders’ cost.

Licensed Excise Manufacturers in the Year 2015


  1. Big Five Breweries Ltd
  2. Kenya Breweries Ltd
  3. Sirville Investments Ltd
  4. Top Rank Industries Ltd                                                                               

Opaque Beer

  1. Amsco Ltd
  2. Heritage Distillers
  3. Karungaru Distributors Ltd
  4. Mashwa Breweries Ltd
  5. Mt. Kenya Breweries
  6. Terjo Agencies Ltd
  7. Vinepack Ltd
  8. Wiseborn Industries Ltd
  9. Roskin Agencies

Potable Spirits and Wines

  1. Africa Spirits Ltd
  2. Kenya Nut Company Ltd
  3. Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd
  4. London Distillers (K) Ltd
  5. Mt. Kenya Breweries
  6. Nyanza Local Distillers Ltd
  7. Platinum Distillers
  8. Telleny Beverages Ltd
  9. Top Rank Industries Ltd
  10. UDV (K) Ltd

Ethyl Alcohol

  1. Agro Chemical and Food Company Ltd

Tobacco And Tobacco Products

  1. BAT (K) Ltd

Polythene Shopping Bags

  1. A-One Plastics Ltd
  2. Africa Polythene
  3. Bobmil Industries Ltd
  4. Coast Polythene
  5. Cocorico Investment Ltd
  6. Elgon (K) Ltd
  7. Hi – Plast Ltd
  8. Laneeb Industries Ltd
  9. Packaging Industries Ltd
  10. Packaging Manufacturers (1976) Ltd
  11. Polyflex Industries
  12. Polythene Industries Ltd
  13. Sai Industries Ltd Polythene Shopping Bags (contd.)
  14. Styroplast Ltd

Juices And Other Non Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Aquamist Ltd
  2. Coca Cola Juices (K) Ltd
  3. Delmonte (K) Ltd
  4. Excel Chemicals Ltd
  5. Glaxosmithkline Ltd
  6. Highlands Mineral Water Company Ltd
  7. Jetlak Foods
  8. Kenya Breweries Ltd
  9. Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd
  10. Kevian Ltd
  11. Skyfoods Ltd
  12. Sunny Processors Ltd
  13. Triclover (K) Ltd
  14. Trufoods Limited
  15. Victoria Juice Co. Ltd
  16. Miritini Kenya Ltd

Soft Drinks (Sodas)

  1. Coastal Bottlers Ltd
  2. Equator Bottlers Ltd
  3. Highlands Mineral Water Company Ltd
  4. Mt. Kenya Bottlers Ltd
  5. Nairobi Bottlers Ltd
  6. Rift Valley Bottlers Ltd


  1. Affia Enterprise
  2. Alison Products (K) Limited
  3. Beiersdorf E. A. Ltd
  4. Buyline Industries Ltd
  5. Cannon Chemicals Ltd
  6. European Perfumes & Cosmetics Co. Ltd
  7. Haco Tiger Brands (E.A) Ltd
  8. Nightrose Cosmetics Ltd
  9. PZ Cussons East Africa
  10. Rok Industries Ltd
  11. Shethia Industrial Chemicals
  12. Triclover (K) Ltd
  13. Tropikal Brands Ltd
  14. Unilever (K) Ltd
  15. Uzuri Industries Ltd


  1. Abadin Ltd
  2. Aberdares Water
  3. Alpha Holdings Ltd
  4. Alpine Coolers Ltd
  5. Aquamist Ltd
  6. Blue Wave Co. Ltd
  7. Bounty Limited
  8. Crown Beverages Ltd
  9. Cway Kenya Foods & Beverages Ltd
  10. Danmar Enterprises Limited
  11. Diarim Enterprises Limited
  12. Equator Bottlers Ltd
  13. Excel Chemicals Ltd
  14. Gichoya Development Co. Ltd
  15. Grand Beverages Ltd
  16. Highlands Mineral Water Co. Ltd
  17. Jetlak Foods
  18. Joys Springs Investments Ltd
  19. Kabarnet Mineral Water Co.
  20. Kennka East Africa Limited
  21. Ketepa Ltd
  22. Kevian Ltd
  23. Ki Ventures Limited
  24. Lucus Mwaniki Enterprises Ltd
  25. Mustard Masters Ltd
  26. My Water Business Ltd
  27. Nairobi Bottlers Ltd
  28. Natures Limited
  29. Pearl Industries Ltd
  30. Premier Water Solutions
  31. Pristine International Ltd
  32. Raili Enterprises Ltd
  33. Salysbury Enterprises
  34. Sameer Agriculture & Livestock Ltd
  35. Smartlife Ltd
  36. Spark Fresh Investments
  37. Triclover (K) Ltd
  38. World Trade Ltd

Registered Importers of Excisable Goods in the year 2015

  1. All Drinks Ltd
  2. MIA Wines & Spirit International Ltd
  3. Branded Beverages
  4. Mig Trading Company Ltd
  5. Brown Biashara Ltd
  6. Milestone City Hotel Ltd
  7. Cama Trading Ltd
  8. Mohans Oysterbay
  9. Canon Chemicals Ltd
  10. Monte Bello Wines Ltd
  11. Casks and Barrels
  12. Monwalk Inv Ltd
  13. Chareth General Agencies
  14. MRG Trading
  15. Crown Beverages
  16. Museum Hill Wines Ltd
  17. Decanter Ltd
  18. Nairobi Vintners (K) Ltd
  19. Distell Winemasters Ltd
  20. New Italycor Ltd
  21. Domaine Kenya Ltd
  22. New Westlands Stores
  23. Fairview Hotel
  24. Patialla Distillers Kenya Ltd
  25. Famaco Limited
  26. Pernod Ricardo (K) Ltd
  27. First Drinks Kenya Ltd
  28. Posner & Klein Company Ltd
  29. Goldust Ltd 46. Raa Ltd
  30. Healthy U 2000 Ltd
  31. Rio Kenya Ltd
  32. Heineken E.A. Import Co. Ltd
  33. Roads Into Africa Company Ltd
  34. Huashi Wines Importers
  35. Roshni Distributors Ltd
  36. Imperial Liquors Ltd
  37. San Giorgio Ltd
  38. Jambo Italia Ltd
  39. SBC Kenya Ltd
  40. Jos Hansen and Soehen
  41. Slater & Whittaker East Africa Ltd
  42. Spanwell Limited
  43. Jovet K. Ltd
  44. Sunrise Supplies Ltd
  45. Kapari Ltd
  46. Swift Klein Global Ltd
  47. Kenruss Ltd
  48. The Wine Company
  49. King Beverages Ltd
  50. The Wine Shop Ltd
  51. Liquid Africa
  52. UDV Holdings Ltd
  53. Liquid Point Limited
  54. Verum Kenya Ltd
  55. Magnum Ventures
  56. Viva Productline Ltd
  57. Maxam Ltd
  58. Wines of The World
  59. Meera Umoja Kenya Ltd
  60. Ziani Agencies Limited
  61. Mega Wines & Spirits

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