Windows 10 Has Been Installed On More Than 50 Million Devices

Microsoft has made an achievement this year. After Windows 10 launch many people downloaded it because of the amazing features the operating system comes with. I believe Microsoft is now one of the happiest tech companies in the world.

Report says that more than 50 million devices are now using Windows 10. The report was released by WinBeta. This is a sign that many people trust Microsoft given the fact that Windows is the most popular OS in computing. Windows 10 is already proving to be a success on Microsoft’s terms. It has always seemed very clear that the company’s intent was to bring PC users together under one singular version of Windows.

So will Windows 10 continue being a desirable upgrade? Sustaining the market for long is the main challenge that Microsoft is going face. Preserving the momentum by making sure that Windows 10 continues to be seen as a desirable upgrade is what Microsoft should be working on. Enterprise users are unable to take advantage of the free update, and will likely be a major focus in coming months.

Currently the number of devices running Windows 10 constitutes 4.95% of the operating system market. Windows 10 is a free upgrade to many users and is easy to upgrade to from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The instillation is rolling out step by step so its download numbers will likely continue to rise.

Microsoft has a goal of 1 billion devices within two or three years. While many of those will be IoT devices, tablets, and phones, it’s important for Windows 10 to have a large PC user base if it’s ever going to reach that ten figure goal.

Windows 10 is currently in 190 countries as free upgrade for  PCs, tablets and phones which makes is ideal for business owners. The system is most secure that’s why it’s looking up as a tangible upgrade for business personnel since it is ready for corporate deployments that will help companies protect against modern cyber attacks, control the frequency of their updates and select the features and functionality that are right for each group of their employees. Windows 10 has an inbuilt enterprise-grade security, so customers can replace passwords with more secure options, protect corporate data and corporate identities, and run only the software they trust. This will help business personnel secure their documents.

If you don’t have Windows 10 then you are missing out on many things since it’s free to download for those who have 7 or 8.1 but those with older versions or wishing to install 10 on a non-Windows running device will have to pay Shs11, 900 for Windows 10 Home and Shs11, 900 for Windows 10 Pro.


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