Blame China, Tianjin’s enormous blast on misuse of Chemical technology

A parade of scorched cars, black smoke in the air, smoking buildings, stringent chemical odour is pretty much the situation in China. Before i say i already fear for Kenya at this point, i will point a finger at technology, probably the best thing after Jesus human beings ever had.

After the enormous explosions at a chemical warehouse in Tianjin belonging to a logistics company, a major chinese port city, the sight of this specific location has been reaped  off beautiful sky creepers, smooth roads and modern day cars that now remain ash.

As of yesterday, there were still speculations around the explosions with a potential cause being compressed natural gas as well as a deadly combination of other chemicals in the warehouse. The chinese government has in response send in a biological and chemical response team from Beijing to find out the cause of the major blast.

As the world wonders what the cause could be, the Chinese residents are also in the same quagmire asking the government to provide answers to the very cause of the damage. “The shock wave just blew through our apartment. It blew out the glass, it blew out the doors, it knocked out the power,” said Vafa Anderson, a teacher at an international school who lives less than 2 kilometers (about a mile) from the explosions’ epicenter.

chemical technology gone wrong

The deployed Chinese fire and safety officials have told a local media house that the specialists have found a ‘huge crater’ inside the Tianjin warehouse where the blast took place. “Nitric acid items such as potassium nitrate and sodium cyanide caused the blast,” reported the local media.

On top of the case being one of negligence, those responsible for the warehouse being and storage of hazardous chemicals like 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide a highly soluble that has a strong affinity for moisture should be held accountable for misuse of chemical technology under whatever law there is in the state.

The damages worth gazillions could have been prevented if the warehouse was deserted and away from a populous location in the city. For the greed of fast money and overnight development, the warehouse has caused over 50 deaths (still questionable due to the extent of damage) until now with over 700 injuries from the blast that was an equivalent of 21 metric tons of TNT or a magnitude of 2.9 earthquake.

As the Chinese government takes the company executives of the entity that stores and transports dangerous chemicals, it should also do away with similar cash cows in the city or relocate them to safer locations.


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