Airtel robs Safaricom and Orange of internet users

Airtel’s Unliminet single bundles tariff has earned over a million customers at the expense of rival telecommunications companies; Safaricom and Orange. The bundle that offers voice, data and SMS services recorded 18.5 percent which was a 3.9 per cent increase.

The tariff has been put out on commercials in multiple media platforms to lure subscribers to use the service with attractive language; “The best mobile data plan in town! Pick a plan that works for you and you’ll get talk time, SMS and data bundles that let you keep browsing even after your bundles run out! That’s right, you heard that correctly! All you need to do is subscribe and you’ll stay connected to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Gmail) when your data is over! The age of ‘No MB’s left’ is over! Pick the UnlimiNET package that works for you, subscribe and get going! To see which deal works for you, select a deal below!”

Airtel Unliminet is divided into for categories; Daily unlimiNET; where by loading ksh50 a subscriber is able to buy a daily unlimiNET package that give you 100 MB of mobile data, 20 min talk time to any network and 100 SMS. Weekly unlimiNET; allows the subscriber to enjoy 500MB mobile data, 100 minutes of talk time to all networks + 500 SMS to all networks for only Ksh. 250.

For the Monthly unlimiNET; a subscriber needs to load Ksh.1000 worth of airtime to receive 2000MB mobile data, 400 minutes of talk time across all networks and 2000 SMS across all networks. and Grow my hustle; is an Airtel program which aims at encouraging online entrepreneurship. People tell the telco what online businesses they have, they apply so that we can help them grow their hustle.

According to Communications Authority, Airtel’s SMS traffic volume grew up to 6.9 per cent of the market with SMS going up by 128 million to 452 million. In the same period, Safaricom’s mobile internet’s market share dropped by 7.1 per cent from 72.1 percent of the market share. Orange lost its market share by 0.3 per cent from 13.3 per cent in the previous quarter despite an increase in subscribers.

unlimiNET was introduced at a time Safaricom’s bundles operated on stringent conditions therefore attracting backlash from the public that later attracted switch of networks by subscribers. Airtel has referred its success to the spread 3G networks that has given the telco a better footing across counties.



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