Wireless electricity and charging has come along way and it all started with the Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless chargers and PoWiFi which enables users to charge their phones using WiFi. Two Tyrolean entrepreneurs believe they have what it takes to change the tech world as far as wireless charging concerned.  Johannes Postler (26) and Fabian Hochheimer (30) want to take take the world to a whole new level.


The amazing wooden wireless charger that works easily with an App is aimed at reducing the hustle of plugging in and out at places. The two came up with the idea to build smart wireless charging stations made of precious wood and upcycled books. However, these aren’t just fancy designer products – they can do more. The dedicated WAIQI-App (available on Google Play Store) makes your daily life at home and at work easier and more comfortable. Starting at the beginning of August 2015.

Many people like lazying around when it comes to daily routines and reminders but this product simplifies tasks–making work easier. The WAIQI-App simplifies work at home or office. Fabian Hochheimer explains. “Everyone can tell from their own experience how long it takes to go to sleep at night. First we search for the charger, then we plug in our mobile. After that the alarm clock needs to be set and finally we enable the flight mode, so nobody disturbs our sweet dreams.” The idea to build something more convenient has led the two physicists and close friends to invent the WAIQI Home. An elegant, wooden, wireless-charging station. But they haven’t stop there. The WAIQI-App that comes along with the product, the product i believe will most definitely change the world and the other Apps will be left to accept the challenge.


This is the simplest App ever on the functionality and usage. You can choose a profile within seconds. “The intuitive handling allows users to tailor their profile according to their personal needs, whether at home or at work,”explains Johan-nes Postler. “You can assign different actions to different profiles, depending on which tasks you want to get done automatically. Setting the alarm, enabling silent mode, activating Wifi or Bluetooth and playing audio books or starting playlists.” The App has a modular framework which promises many more functions in the near future. It runs on Android and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Owners of a Qi-enabled mobile phone can make use of both the charging station and the App.

WAIQI Home will be available on Kickstarter starting on the 10th of August 2015. The first series of offerings is limited to 250 pieces. In comparison to the normal retail price, interested folks can save up to 25% , if they support the company on Kickstarter.

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