Manage Your Mental Health And Thoughts Using Moodnotes

Everybody suffers from anxiety and madness runs in every human being but the level differs from one person to another. Mental health can be controlled using an App called Moodnotes. Ustwo, the developer of Monument Valley teamed up with mental health app maker Thriveport for Moodnotes.

Moodnotes provides an easy way to record your feelings with the aim of promoting healthier thinking habits. It’s based on the principals of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a short-term, hands-on approach used by psychotherapists to modify the thinking or behavior in patients. It has been effective in treating anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other disorders.

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The App can start a conversation with the user. It can ask how you are feeling and you may respond by simply altering a smiley face by swiping up or down to reflect their mood. Notes can be assigned to each entry, which makes it easier to track mood changes over time. Through additional questions, the app will help you better identify what might be causing these negative feelings like blaming or irrational thoughts. How amazing is that? After the preliminary ‘consultation’ is done your self-awareness will be increased and the negative habits will be identified.

The App can also predict the future since it offers tools to help one handle future stressful situations more effectively. The bottom line is that the more time the user puts into the app, the more prompts and helpful information Moodnotes will provide.

Digital Trends provides that Moodnotes is useful for those that have disorders that have been diagnosed, but it’s also meant for those that want to better their thinking habits and increase their overall well-being. Managing your health is the best way to live because most feelings can not be controlled and they may endanger a person’s proper living, health wise and even socially.

An expert’s opinion is always important before developing an App because of the effects that might accrue after the App is given out to the larger society. Ustwo teamed up with Dr. Drew Erhardt and Dr. Edrick Dorian, founders of Thriveport. The company already created a similar app called MoodKit back in 2011. It’s currently being recommended by clinical psychologists, but the adoption rate has been limited due to the fact that it’s more complex. Moodnotes targets the average person.

The App has been tested by about 500 people. Uptwo discovered the majority of people use the app two to three times per week, rather than multiple times per day as expected. If you are using an iOS, download it from App Store now.

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