“You can copy a phone but you cannot copy innovation”: Here is why Samsung continues to introduce so many phones in the market.

Samsung has launched yet another J series phones the 4G enabled Galaxy J5 and J7 mid-range smartphones designed towards enhancing mobile experience. I know what you are asking…another two phones?

well, i asked myself that same question when i got an invite to witness the launch of the devices into the Kenyan market. I highly bet most Kenyans also do not get why Samsung  has grown a trend of back to backphone launches.As a matter of fact, most people feel it is unnecessary to keep launching devices that almost look alike so often.

So i sort for answers from Simon Njogu head of sales East and Central Africa and maybe the reason for the gazillion device launches according to Samsung might change your  perception of these ‘Look alike’ devices.

According to Mr. Njogu, Samsung is well aware of the market needs and the back to back launches are well calculated by the manufacturer and no as opposed to our assumption, this phones are not alike. Let’s look at them like Siblings who are just alike on the surface.

So, what is the reason for these back to back launches of Samsung devices? Don’t you think that is suffocating the Kenyan market?

Samsung launches phones very very often and the reason behind this is to satisfy consumer needs. we look at our consumers in two segments; Lifestyle and Business. The dynamic lifestyle change has made lifestyle the major segment which explains why Samsung has put in effort in the Lifestyle phone models.

The galaxy series is the lifestyle segment which focuses on design, camera experience, viewing experience, screens and processor for the sake of internet speed. The note series are more of  business phones and this segment looks at business minded consumers. The consumers are completely different and all they want to take care of is business on the go for example; take notes in a meeting, send the document in form of email and receive emails as well as documents that need signing and again send them out.

What are this unique features that make this phones formal?

Business and highend phones like the S6 come with a hightech inbuilt security feature and this is the Knox that is currently leading security system in the market. Also, the devices do not come in flashy designs like those of the lifestyle segment. They are both simple and sophisticated and designed to serve on the go considering factors like material for a better grip.

Multiple phone ranges from Samsung have been influenced by the need for big screens which has also been influenced by the extensive use of mobile phones as internet tools. Today, out of the 26 million internet users, 14 million users which is more than 50% use internet on the go hence the essence for a bigger screen. Today samsung has upgraded the standard screen size to 4.3inch and above from 3.5 inch screen.

Which is the other factor contributing to the wide range of smartphones?

Innovation is the other big contributing factor of the wide range phone launches. The technology change this includes powersaving features, protection features like the water resistant feature, glass quality to lower breakage vulnerability, dual edge phones like the S6 and many more user friendly factors.

Competition from the Chinese manufacturers. Are you threatened?

As much as Samsung is on the look out for its customers, the company is also aware of the competition from the Chinese manufacturers and no, we are not threatened.  in fact, our many devices have helped us take care of almost all markets of smartphone users. You can copy a phone but you cannot copy innovation. After our phone launches, you will find so many companies introducing a similar device to the market but of low quality.

What are you doing to kill Samsung Knockoffs?

We have upgraded our innovation in how we make the phones. The recent phones as you can see have inbuilt batteries. Meaning, you cannot open the device and put in counterfeit hardware in these phones. This way, we are protecting our brand in maintaining originality.


It is fair to blame the often phone launches on being consumer responsive. Again, it makes sense not to restrict the market to one device during a certain period of time like what other phone manufacturers do. If you watch closely, many of the players in the smartphone market are embracing the trend therefore giving Kenyans a wide variety to choose from depending on preference.

Having a wide range of devices has put samsung at the top with high ranks from high-end, mid-range to entry phones. New innovation and design has also helped the user keep tabs of the dynamic technology trends giving them a glimpse on what to upgrade to each time they purchase devices whether for business or lifestyle purposes.  This might be a strategy new players might want to adapt.



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