Flip Phones Making A Comeback

Early last month Samsung unveiled an android flip phone model number SM-G9198. LG has decided to introduce yet another flip phone ready to make an International debut. The LG Wine Smart, an Android-powered smartphone has an amazing clamshell body. This is a clear indication that the market liked the flip phones because of their unique awesomeness.

The LG Wine Smart brings to life the physical alphanumeric keyboard like those commonly found on cell phones used in the past. The phone is designed with an appeal to attract users who dislike the touchscreen experience and would like to settle for the old school physical keyboards. After flipping open the handset, users will discover Android 5.1.1 Lollipop running on its 3.5-inch touchscreen.

“Our goal with LG Wine Smart was to create a smartphone that fans of flip phones could embrace,” Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications LG Mobile Communications, said in a statement. “Consumers shouldn’t have to miss out on the smartphone revolution because they prefer a particular phone design over another.”

LG company hopes to stay competitive with the other tech companies that have made great advancement in device improvements. Research firm TrendForce reported last month that LG is the fifth-largest smartphone maker in the world with 5.8 percent market share. According to LG, its devices have grown in popularity in North America, where sales were up 36 percent year over year. In its home country, LG’s mobile sales fell by 29 percent year over year on weaker demand.

LG Wine Smart is powered by a 1.1GHz quad-core processor and 3-megapixel rear-facing camera, the current Wine Smart is an updated version of the model introduced in Korea last year. The new version, branded as the LG Gentle in the handset maker’s home market, will be available in blue and burgundy colors later this month in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Japan and the United Kingdom.Reports cnet.

The phone is made in black or white with a sexy gold racing stripe, the smartphone version of the LG Wine Family is big on large buttons on the keypad and tactile directional controls on the navigation array. You won’t be typing long texts and email missives with that alphanumeric keyboard, but the touchscreen does offer basic functionality for opening apps such as the camera, and for sorting through menu options. The phone is a masterpiece provided that it’s slim giving it a great experience when it comes to handling.

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