droPrinter: World’s First Smartphone Printer

droPrinter is specifically designed for smartphones and it’s affordable, portable hence able to be used anywhere at anytime. You can print anything showed on your smart phone’s screen like messages, web page or images. This is a great idea if taken into action by the Justice Department to ease the bulk in evidence finding. droPrinter is the world’s first and only phone printer solely designed for smart phone. Using thermal paper droPrinter could print any thing showed on your smart phone’s screen.


droPrinter is compact and easy to use, you just turn it on and start printing anything within seconds. The printer is quite simple and to use. droPrinter automatically pairs with your smart phone. It’s small in size hence can be carried in a handbag.

The printer can print photos, website, image, etc. Every thing showed on your smart phone can be printed using the droPrinter. droPrinter is durable, it has rechargeable battery that lasts for more than 120 hours, or 7 in case one wants to print continuously. How great is that?

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The printer uses thermal paper which can be purchased with any office supply. The paper is cheap making it an efficient accessory for your smartphone. The thermal paper has rolls with 85 feet of paper for you to print as many context as you can. And you can easily stick the paper to the wall with adhesive tape or tidy them up with clamps.

The demo Android and iOS App for droPrinter has been developed and they work very well functionally. droPrinter’s APPs is quite user-friendly since droPrinter’s performance has been optimized, leaving only a few straightforward settings making it easy to print in real-time.

The printer was to be launched last year in June but the team held back the release because they wanted to make sure the prototype worked perfectly. The team dealing with the production of the printer have faced a number of challenges including choice of factory. They placed a lot of work into designing and building the prototypes and they knew there is some risk in hardware produce but they were able to get reliable suppliers, such as the supplier of droPrinter’ case, the factory used to produce 10000 PCS Raspberry Pi Cases in only 5 days and ship them.

Another challenge was in shipment. A bulk of droPrinters are transported to EU third party warehouse and the staff of warehouse would resend the stock by domestic delivery. Then it could make the shipping more difficult. They contacted many warehouse and ask for a good price. Reports Kickstarter

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