Africa Innovation Foundation (AIF) calls for innovation applications ‘Made in Africa’

Africa Innovation Foundation has called for innovators to apply for IPA 2016 an initiative of the innovation programme that honors and encourages innovative achievements that contribute toward developing new products, increasing efficiency or saving cost in Africa.

Specifically, the award targets technological breakthroughs in 5 main areas: manufacturing & service industry, health & well-being, agriculture & agribusiness, environment, energy & water and ICTs. To date, there have been four (4) rounds of competition.

African Innovation Foundation aims to mobilize African innovators and entrepreneurs by providing US$ 150 000 for market-oriented solutions that support African-led development. Through the IPA, the AIF acknowledges and encourages the endeavors of African innovators and entrepreneurs, and works to raise their profiles on the development agenda.  Each nominee also receives a voucher of US$ 5000 to further develop their innovations.

IPA 2016 dubbed “Made in Africa” will mark the fifth year of bringing together the best of African ingenuity in the rigours of science and technology, environment and energy, agri-business, health and well-being, the manufacturing and service industry, as well as the ICT sector.

The IPA program has engaged, inspired and transformed more than 3000 movers and shakers across the continent, supporting more than 35 star innovators in 49 countries. The IPA achievements are illustrated by the fact that its social media community has grown rapidly in the last quarter by 100%, with over 14 000 followers, a total reach of 1.1 million people and a total engaged user rate of 32 000.

The target for IPA 2016 is to attract applications from all 54 countries in Africa and the highest participation of women and young people. Once again, the grand share prize of US$150 000 will be split between the most impressive winners that can convince the AIF team of expert judges why their innovation must win. AIF is looking for unique, cutting-edge innovations (US$100 000) that reflect positive social impact (US$25 000) and have the potential to be transformed into a sustainable, commercial success (US$25 000).

Special spots for Women and Youth

IPA 2016 is set to break further ground, opening up new opportunities for innovation enthusiasts across Africa.  All nominees will receive additional post-prize support to the value of US$5 000 to take their innovations to a higher level. Thanks to increasing interest and buy-in from the African innovation pool, AIF will introduce further post-prize opportunities for 10 young Africans and 10 women whose innovations are addressing pressing challenges in Africa.

  • Support for women: After the awards ceremony, AIF will through an internal process select 10 best innovations submitted by women innovators and will work with each one of them to mobilize support which will help move her innovation forward.
  • Support for 10 young innovators under 26: After the awards ceremony, AIF will through an internal process select 10 best innovations submitted by young innovators under 26 and will work with each one of them to mobilize support which will help move his/her innovation forward.
  • Design “Do-Tank” workshop/support: Each year, AIF will select at least 5 innovations which can be enhanced by design and will invite them to the workshop where they will get help from experts to help improve the design and make their product more marketable.


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