Satya Nadella To Launch Windows 10 In Kenya Tomorrow

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Satya Nadella will tomorrow launch Windows 10 in Kenya and learn how technology is empowering Kenyan people and Organizations. This is a big event and an opportunity for Kenyans to have a great exposure in the Tech world and meet some of the tech giants.

Many people had anticipated the launch of Windows 10 because of its much hyped versatility and amazing features. Kenya will be hosting the global launch and the event will provide detailed information about the features and usability of Windows 10.

Windows 10 will release for desktop, laptop and tablet devices first, then move down to phones, the Xbox One, Arduino machines and its own HoloLens.

The launch will be through the direct upgrade program and likely first to the 5 million-plus Insider Preview testers before the general public. If you’re looking to pick up a Windows 10 install on a flash drive you’ll have to pre-order your unit and hope it arrives at your door on its August 30 release date.

Rumors has it that Microsoft started the upgrade process for current Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users weeks ago. If your machine is up-to-date, you should see a small icon of the Windows logo on your taskbar next to the internet status icon. Clicking it will open a window that details the upgrade process and will allow you to “reserve” your free Windows 10 download by providing your email address. Presumably on or in advance of launch day, Microsoft will download the OS to your device and notify you when it’s ready to install.

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The most notable feature of Windows 10 you can expect is the nearly-final version of Edge, Microsoft’s new web browser. Other updates coming through in build #10240 are upgrades for Cortana, now able to compose and send emails following your dictation and train to your voice specifically. The Photos app has been further upgraded to now support GIFs, too. There’s a vast list of smaller updates and improvements that can be found.

Microsoft provided information on what will happen for those that installed the Windows 10 Insider Preview directly on top of Windows 7 or 8.1: not too much. Basically, if this is how you installed the preview, you’ll just keep receiving the updates as normal and, come tomorrow, you’ll have the same version of Windows 10 as everyone else.

However, insiders must continue to receive preview updates which will not stop after tomorrow for their copy of Windows 10 to remain genuine. If you want to opt out of the preview, you’ll have to restore back to your previous version of Windows 7 or 8.1 and perform a clean Windows 10 install from there.

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