This Giant Wall Would Help Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions In Nairobi

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Nairobi is affected by Carbon Dioxide emissions from industries and vehicles that pollute the environment including the ozone layer. Global warming is mainly caused by human activities. A wall created by a company called Carbon Engineering can draw carbon dioxide straight out of the air and convert it into fuel. The research and engineering firm hope to build such walls in towns and cities that are widely affected by Carbon Dioxide.


What are the major effects of global warming? Facts have it that Radiation from the Sun heats the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land hence making earth habitable. The incoming radiation can easily pass through the outer atmosphere in order to reach the Earth, but much of it cannot escape the atmosphere if some are trapped. The amount of radiation which escapes depends on the concentration of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere – carbon emissions add to the concentration, meaning that less radiation escapes. This means that the surface temperature of the Earth increases – by 0.6°C ± 0.2°C over the last century.

Below are some of the effects caused by global warming:

  1. Impact on Agriculture. Global warming could have major effects on agricultural productivity
  2. Reduction of the Ozone Layer. Warming would result in increase high cloud cover in winter, giving chemical reactions a platform in the atmosphere, which could result in depletion of the ozone layer.
  3. Spread of diseases. Diseases would be able to spread to areas which were previously too cold for them to survive in.
  4. Ecosystem change. As with the diseases, the range of plants and animals would change, with the net effect of most organisms moving towards the North and South Poles.
  5. Sea level rise.densely settled coastal plains would become uninhabitable with just a small rise in sea level, which would result from melting of the ice caps.
  6. Increased extreme weather. A warmer climate could change the weather systems of the earth, meaning there would be more droughts and floods, and more frequent and stronger storms.

Carbon Dioxide related effects can be controlled by the invented wall for a greener future and healthy towns including Nairobi. The wall has rows of fans that air flows through. They are connected to a carbon dioxide-rich solution, which absorbs carbon compounds out of the air. The solution is purified, with the carbon dioxide within it extracted, and then purified again for reuse.

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Many industries and firms are switching to eco-friendly products and sources of energy as a campaign to reduce pollution. In June Cola Cola showed off its new bottle made from sugar cane instead of petroleum aimed to reduce environmental pollution. Airplanes are the main source of pollution but the United Airlines are in a fight to change that hence they started using alternative jet fuel generated from animal poop and fat.

“All individuals are vulnerable to the impacts of poor air quality, however, children, the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease or asthma are at elevated risk given poor air quality. In Nairobi city, I would also add unique groups such as hawkers, traffic police officers, matatu/bus crew and beggars who are exposed to high volumes of traffic for most part of each working day as among those most vulnerable to the impacts of poor air quality.” Kanyiva Muindi a researcher at the Nairobi-based African Population and Health Research Center said.

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