Do you think the new Galaxy S6 Charging Features outshines the others?

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  • Posted: July 25, 2015 at 3:42 pm

The first time I saw the new features in an advert many questions went through my mind like how efficient are they? The things Kenyans look for in a phone is the price and the charging system. I wouldn’t travel all the way to Busia with a phone that can’t store power. That’s crazy.

Samsung Galaxy S6 unveiled three new features that the company believes it will outshine the competition. The features are fast charging, wireless charging and ultra power saving mode.

The fast charging is ideal for people who are always on the run or running short of time. The feature enables users to change the battery in just 10 minutes which is enough to keep the phone powered for the next four hours. The feature is cool to many people especially the police who never have time to rest. Normally it can take up to 6 hours for a phone to fully charge but the fast charging works very fast which is the future of charging.

The ultra power saving mode is awesome even the Samsung Galaxy J1 has the feature and it’s doing well in the market. The feature comes in handy when the user feels that there is need to conserve power. The feature promises to deliver longer device usage with basic functions under minimal battery capacity.

The wireless charging feature on the other hand can be accessed with the help of a wireless charging pad that is sold separately. Galaxy S6 is designed with a built-in wireless charging standards namely PMA and WPC. There are no additional covers or accessories that are required.

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People have different opinions about the new features. The wireless charging is criticized because it does not charge fast and one would need a pad. Personally I don’t think the system is wireless, the reality is that you still need a cord to connect the pad to a power source, and that cord is just as likely to get tangled as any other cord. It also does not have an internal battery, so it can’t be charged and then used without being connected to a power source.

The most disappointing characteristic about the wireless feature is that it can drain power if not used properly. If you don’t place your device firmly in the center of the round charging pad, it can get stuck in a loop of connects and disconnects, which rapidly drains your battery instead of charging it. Samsung Galaxy S6 is relatively expensive so is the pad. The pad is about Shs 5000 which is quite expensive.

The other tech companies need to up their game given that Samsung did set a high in mobile charging. The ideal features are the ultra power saving mode and the fast charging which I believe will change the way we charge our phones.

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