Philips covers 12,000km on a roadshow to light Africa’s heritage

Philips has unveiled the newly illuminated National Theatre of Ghana with a stunning makeover using its latest connected LED technology to boost the beautification of the city of Accra, while also cutting energy consumption by up to 80%, as compared to the existing conventional lighting.

The National Theatre of Ghana opened in 1992 and is a hub of culture and heritage, as well as a source of national pride for the city of Accra. The elegant and imposing National Theatre has a complicated construction molding and novel exterior features. When looked at from a distance, the whole structure looks like a gigantic ship or a seagull spreading its wings.

Philips’ lighting concept is focused on highlighting the significance of this iconic building as an architectural masterpiece and as a source of national pride to Ghana, and in so doing assist with the building’s energy saving performance.

The connected LED lighting technology used by Philips creates more light, while making it more focused and controlled. Philips used its Vaya LED lighting solutions and tailored them to the specific needs of the National Theatre of Ghana; which included devising effective lighting while respecting the authenticity of the building. The lighting needed to enhance the beauty of the theatre without at any time overwhelming it.

The new connected lighting system covers the 78m base platform of the National Theatre and illuminates the entire area of the central ship, as well as the columns supporting the ship. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, the new Philips lighting fixtures last much longer and reduce the need for periodic replacement. Each installed luminaire has its own IP address; making it feasible to produce up to 16 million different lighting colors as well as remotely monitoring the performance of each light point.

The stop over becomes the sixth on the CapeTown to Cairo roadshow that kicked off on 11th May 2015 in Cape Town. Ghana marks coverage of 12,000 km across 11 cities and 8 countries over a period of 4.5 months. The roadshow has gained significant momentum over the past five years, allowing Philips to get to the heart of some of the key issues facing Africa –  including Mother and Child Care, the rise of non-communicable diseases, energy efficient LED and solar lighting technologies, as well as shining a spotlight on the need for clinical education and training.

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