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Gaming just got amazing as Microsoft is planning to add mouse and a keyboard to Xbox One. Microsoft has placed so much effort to improve Xbox One’s value proposition through offering features like backwards compatibility and the ability to stream games from the Xbox One to Windows 10 devices.

The standard PC will vanish after the company adds the keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One. The Xbox One already uses a mouse and a keyboard but not for gaming. The Windows 10 streaming if it’s introduced to Xbox One it will create many options including the ability to play online against PC users without worrying that PC gamers will have an intrinsic advantage thanks to superior controls and pixel-perfect mousing.

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Personally I don’t like using the mouse while playing my favorite games. Extreme Tech provides that there’s no contest as to which method of input offers greater precision. Unlike controllers, a mouse is capable of pinpoint accuracy, while keyboards offer a much greater range of commands and inputs.

Windows streaming if added to Xbox One could allow for smooth play across a home network without dragging a PC out to the living room. It could be used to easily blow up a spreadsheet or Word document from a smaller Windows 10 device or laptop. With keyboard and mouse support, Microsoft could release certain applications for the platform. The Xbox One will eventually replace desktop PC if it can run Office in addition to having a web browser.

The backwards compatibility has been a success so fur after it was introduced at the E3 this year. Mike Ybarra, Xbox director of program management, said, “We knew it would be an enormous engineering challenge, and many people told us it would be impossible,” Ybarra said in an interview with Xbox Wire. “However, the team had conviction, and delivered. This is what I love most about Xbox: We’re all gamers, and fan feedback fuels our passion.”

However, other reports concluded that the state of compatibility indicated the company has so much to do. Eurogamer’s tests provided that the Mass Effect conversion the Xbox One forces V-Sync on in all cases, where the Xbox 360 didn’t. This eliminates screen tearing, but it introduces a new problem — by forcing V-Sync on in all cases, the game runs as much as 30% slower on the newer console. According to their testing, the frame rate can dip as low as 10 FPS in spots. They observed similar problems in Perfect Dark Zero, though in that case, the average frame rate was still better overall.

Microsoft has many things to work on to make the advancements a success. I believe the outcome will be awesome and the gaming community will have a lot to smile about.

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