Google makes it easy for Women entrepreneurs to trade extensively on a global scale

Software programmers, developers, IT architects and graphic designers have been called upon to join Women Vendors’ Forum and Exhibition following the launch of WVEF Tech challenge 2015 by International Trade Centre (ITC), Google, and CI&T.

Google, ITC and CI&T aim to develop a digital tool that can help corporations include more women-owned businesses-especially from development countries in their supply chains. The Tech Challenge will result in a web or a mobile application on which women-owned enterprises can register their businesses to increase their visibility to potential partners across the world.

As the initiative helps to create a digital platform for women -owned businesses,WVEF Tech challenge 2015 will also satisfy a tremendous desire to engage with companies owned by women. However much WOBs can often be difficult to locate and identify, the tech challenge is intended to overcome these challenges and create a tech-solution that adresses this issue in an innovative way.

WVEF tech challenge is part of this year’s Women Vendors’ Forum and Exhibition (WVEF) – ITC’s annual event connecting WOBs to markets – to be held in São Paulo, Brazil, from 2-3 September in partnership with Apex-Brasil, and a call to action to help 1 million WOBs enter international markets by 2020.

Eligible persons

Interested developers, programmers and others involved in sofware developement can register between now and July 31st.These Software experts will have the option of teaming up with upto 3 people. They will be expected to develop a concept that will help WOBs visually and intuitively describe their businesses, services and products; profile themselves; transact business and allow users to exchange messages.

The applying companies and participants must have experience with mobile and web development, a good understanding of Google tools and Android OS, experience with social-media APIs and web services, and knowledge about business culture. Up to five finalists will be invited on an all-expense paid trip to São Paulo in September where they will present their ideas and a winner will be announced during WVEF.


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