Dell is pushing hard to steal creative pros away from the Mac

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Everybody in the entertainment industry like the Mac computers because of their efficiency. Disk Jockey fans have taken the usage of Mac computers as the current trend, if you are a DJ and you don’t mix music using Apple Mac then you are assumed to be a mediocre Dj. Editors and film makers have pushed Apple’s business higher and Dell wants to attract Mac’s potential customers.

As many people tend to go for Mac, others have their opinion supporting Dell’s move. Adam Wrigley, a product designer at Frog Design prefers Dell to Mac. “I wanted to get as much hardware as I could,” he said. “With the Mac, I couldn’t afford a bunch of features.”

Creative professionals have sustained Apple’s personal-computer business by buying Macs for editing photos, producing videos and designing ads. It’s a lucrative, loyal base of customers with a taste for high-end hardware — and a potentially critical market for Dell to target as it tries to rebuild its PC business.

“I don’t think it’s a big focus for them,” Chief Executive Michael Dell said of Apple’s efforts in the market for high-end machines for design professionals. “Dell, in contrast, has 40 percent to 45 percent of the market for workstations. Combined with its high-resolution external monitors, it’s “a special focus market that we’re clearly doing well in.” He added.

Dell has started sending representatives to various talents and film festivals to create a wider market for their new devices that are being built like the M3800 laptop. The new laptops have an amazing style that is aimed at capturing the minds of people in the creatives industry.

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“Rich content is a high-growth market, and it’s one where Apple is very strong,” said Andy Rhodes, leader of Dell’s Precision workstation business. “They have high market share. But customers are telling us Apple is not investing in the future of that market.”

Cnet reports that more than two years ago, customers started telling Dell that Apple wasn’t serving them well, in particular because of Apple’s botched transition from its respected Final Cut Pro 7 video-editing software to its radically different Final Cut Pro X. Dell spun up what it calls “customer-inspired roadmap creation” to make products that would get creative pros to switch off their Macs, said Rhodes.

“Nowadays, creative pros are slipping over to the Windows side of the PC industry,” said Jon Peddie.

“It’s a very slow exodus, no stampede,” Peddie said, but Dell is the top beneficiary. “Dell is making the most aggressive moves in screen resolution, power-performance and price. Dell is probably Apple’s biggest threat in the professional space now, with (Hewlett-Packard) No. 2.”

Michael Dell believes his company’s outsized presence in the workstation focus is contributing to its comeback. “There are three companies that are gaining share. We’re certainly one of them.”

“I will be anti-PC forever,” Jessica Ruggieri of ad and film agency said. “I’m very comfortable with it. Not only is it a beautiful workspace, it’s beautifully designed, aesthetic and streamlined. Compatibility with Mac hardware and software [makes a Mac] one clean system.”

Dell wants to do a remarkable comeback but hardly trying to transform itself into Apple. It’s still reliant on Intel and Microsoft, it sells heavy-duty server computers that Apple lost interest in, and it’s small potatoes in the tablet and smartphone market. But it’s not afraid of aping Apple’s success where it makes sense.

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“We’ve made good-looking machines again,” Rhodes said. “The creative types care about look, feel, lightness.”

Dell’s newest M3800 also added a Thunderbolt 2 port to appeal to Mac customers using the high-speed port for storage and monitors.

“Macs do a great job of having form and function, but Dell seemed more about function than form,” Drew Wolber of film, photo and graphic design agency Sparksight said. “The M3800 looks cool, which was a huge thing. This is a pretty sexy-looking laptop, and the 4K screen is even cooler.”

The fact that Dell wants to out compete Mac in their own market space is a good idea, but Apple’s products are still the best given that in May Apple scooped the first position in Forbes’ most valuable brands 2015. I still believe the Taifa laptops have the ability to face the world’s leading tech companies if Kenyans place much support to them.



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